Natalie Childs

Natalie Childs

Natalie Childs

Morning Yoga

Class 1 - Moon Hatha 60 - 75 minutes

Like the Moon, the mind is always changing. Moon Hatha uses the physical body to access the breath and the breath to access the mind. Establishing a calm and tranquil mind and increasing our capacity for continuity off the mat.

The moon is actually a light-less piece of rock. What gives her light is her alignment with the sun. When the moon is in perfect alignment with the sun we call it a full moon. The moon is able to give us the full reflection. This is what we cultivate in our Moon classes. Better alignment with our true nature (Purusha) so that we can constantly reflect calm and stability on to the world and those around us.

Expect: Forward folding, spinal twisting, lengthened exhalations and seated meditation

Class 2 - Sun Hatha 60 - 75 minutes

The sun and its energy is the primary reason for existence on earth. Sun Hatha is about energy management. We develop sensitivity and deepen our connection to this energy also known as Prana.

Prana is the fuel of life. The more prana we can build and contain within the body, the more we have to propel us forward, to purify our consciousness, to thrive, to glimpse our ultimacy and to achieve our life’s purpose (Dharma).

Expect Lateral bends and backbends that expand and enliven. Lengthened inhalations and deep-seated meditation.


Natalie’s Yoga/Spiritual exploration began in December 2014 after escaping domestic violence in her long term relationship. Leaving Sydney for Jervis Bay, NSW with no drivers license, qualifications, self-confidence, savings or solid plans for the future, Natalie was seeking a fresh start for herself and her 1-year-old daughter Kaylee.


4 years on Natalie is now the Principal Teacher and Studio Owner of South Coast Soul Yoga, as well as the Founding Director of South Coast Soul Festival. Natalie is also the student to world-renowned Yoga and Meditation Teacher Yogarupa Rod Stryker.

Passionate about advancing humanity through the Yoga Tradition, Natalie’s teaching style is strongly connected to the roots and philosophy of the ancient practice.


Drawing upon her own life experience as well the systematic approach of Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga. Natalie weaves ancient wisdom with modern knowledge to provide a practice which purifies the body, stabilizes the mind and collects the necessary prana (energy/life force) to propel oneself forward in the direction of their Dharma (life’s purpose).


“We’re all spiritual beings having a human experience. Once we do the work to make the unconscious conscious. Once we allow ourselves to realize that we are not our thoughts and feelings but that which experiences ourselves thinking and feeling. Our destructive thoughts, emotions, and habits lose their power over us. Yoga is the ongoing practice of bringing our own darkness into light. Spreading light into the darkest corners of the body and the mind. Traditionally we don’t practice to be able to touch our toes. We practice suffering less. When we trade in our suffering states Fear, Anxiety, Self-doubt, Anger for beautiful states: Joy, Contentment, Love and Compassion and we couple these with Prana Dharana (Energy Cultivation) we become an unstoppable force.”