Luke Jaaniste



Dawn Awakening

epic immersive site-specific live music-scapes at dawn of each festival morning (or early morning just after dawn, whatever works best for the scheduling)... along with invitations and evocations of the beauty and joy of living with and caring for the earth...

each morning, a single evolving live music-scape, atmospheric and expansive, created by HHAARRPP in a site-specific collaboration with the land and air... using a quadraphonic speaker system set up in the landscape (not to close to the camping area, somewhere expansive and appropriate)... and occasionally throughout the sound scape, readings by Ella Rose Goninan, from her senual earth poetry and from classic texts of deep ecology...

a dawn service... in service to the earth, in service to each other... a festival communal expanded listening process... merging natural sounds with the music of now... bridging the night songs of the earth and the day songs of the humans.... conjuring a shared awakening into deep listening, deep relaxation and deep inspiration…

festival interaction idea: to invite festival goesr to write about their inspirations and aspirations and sensations of being with the earth, and selected passages are included in the readings by Ella.

HHAARRPP (Luke Jaaniste) is a musician who creates embodied empathic spaces of deep listening, working with cinematic eletronica, piano and masses of keyboards, and wordless etheral vocals. He creates durational performances and site-specific installations, as soloist and also collaboration with improvising musicians, community participants, movement practitioners and film makers. HHAARRPP has appeared in outdoor festivals, along river banks and in parklands, in immersive cinemas, in sacred relgious spaces, and in yoga and dance studios.
Ella Rose is an activist, organisational director, artist and mother, based in Northern Rivers NSW. She is founder and leader of Renew Fest, Australia's festival of ecological, econimic and social renewability, First Light, a peer-network to support people undergoing mental health emergenies and healing, and COREM, a community-owned renewable energy organisation. She is also on the team of Cluture Aware and Newkind. Her artistic background is in dance, Japanese sword and poetic writing.

DAWN AWAKENINGS builds on the previous collaborations of HHAARRPP and Ella Rose, at Renew Fest 2018 (where HHAARRPP created a festival-long soundscape within the Fig Tree Grove of Mullumbimby Showgrounds) and in the Deep Renew series (where they set up deep listening and sharing spaces to contemplate the grief and beauty of being with the earth).