Kodi Twiner

Kodi Twiner/NAGA BUAH

Kodi Twiner/NAGA BUAH

Eco-Feminist Artist Activist

Presenter Biography

Kodi Twiner is an eco-feminist activist, artist and musician. Her creative exploration of eco-feminism, NAGA BUAH, is the first of its kind in Australia. 

NAGA BUAH is the collision of rage and love. It creates a space where softness can be remembered, binaries are blurred, and rage can be recognised as love. 

Kodi Twiner, as NAGA BUAH, crafts a timely and honest onstage exploration of eco-feminism, and how her experience as an activist, artist and above all, as a woman, crash into her ideals of equality, justice and love of nature - in all of it’s biodiversity. 

NAGA BUAH moves from macro to micro, to the moon, to the mud. With songs that empower the personal as political, self-care as an act of revolution, and resistance more fertile than ever. 
Conceptualised as a multi-disciplinary live show, NAGA BUAH is at the pulse of contemporary creative expression.

Kodi’s voice weaves magic among misery, with depth, fragility and outstanding technical ability. Her compositions invoke jazz-infused r’n’b, blended with pop sensibility; hints of neo-soul blossom throughout. NAGA BUAH confirms Kodi’s stronghold as a formidable vocalist and composer in the contemporary scene.