Erin Young

Erin Young

Erin Young

Sociocracy Trainer

Presenter Biography

Erin Young is a change-agent working with regenerative governance and people systems, supporting thriving people for a better world.

With over 12 years of interaction with humans and nature, Erin now works as a trainer, facilitator and pollinator of Social Permaculture and whole-systems design for human systems.

Erin is a consultant and trainer in the social technology of Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance - an integrated methodology for collaborative decision-making & agile organisations based in effectiveness, transparency & equal-value.

Mentored by permaculture pioneer Robin Clayfield in dynamic group work & learning methodologies, she contributes to the activation of facilitators for empowered, holistic & interactive individuals & groups.

With a core drive to build the literacy of ‘humans as ecology’, Erin’s facilitation and education sessions use sharing circles and Dynamic Group facilitation, activating groups for empowered and holistic interactions.

Erin holds a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Hons) from Brisbane's Griffith University (2004), and gained her first permaculture design certificate in 2010 in Portugal. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, Erin lives with her husband in a cottage in the forest within a regional community of practical joy-filled creatives.