Che Pritchard (w co-facilitator Asher Bowen-Saunders)

Che Pritchard

Che Pritchard

Movement Specialist

Presenter Biography

Che (B.SP.Ex.Sc/B.Bus) and co-facilitator Asher Bowen-Saunders (B.Arts in Dance) are movement specialists with everything from theoretical, philosophical and technical knowledge to high level competitive and performance experience in a variety of forms of dance, circus, tricking, fire, martial arts, yoga, soccer, AFL, athletics and calisthenics. They are more than qualified to analyze, adapt and create movement to help humans be better humans, and to help artists, athletes and the general population increased their physical human capacity and their ability to connect with others and their evironment. 

Che has over 17 years experience as an Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist working within a wide variety of demographics and lifestyles. Through his extensive multidisciplined background and love for all animal movement, he identified the significant need within society's approach to movement for Humans to explore more of what the physical body is capable of and to have more fun in doing so. Over the last 3 years, Che has researched, trained and pilot tested numerous movement workshops and has now developed the movement philosophy Primordial Play, an approach that helps humans be better humans physically, mentally and socially. In 2018 he has toured South America teaching this philosophy as well as other movement styles and in 2019 is set to tour Australia.