What to Expect


What is Post-Human Boot Camp?


A Capacity Building Excercise for Agents of Social Change


Our days will usually begin with multiple streams of morning practice, from a fitness session or material arts to yoga, qi gong, or bushwalking. After morning practice breakfast will be served at the camp kitchen. Just bring your bowl and mug, and leave enough time to wash your own eating utensils so we can remove the need for packaging and waste. First morning lectures will begin at 9 am sharp in multiple learning areas. 

The days will be packed with practical workshops, theory lectures, keynotes and discussion panels. The programme is diverse and comprehensive so participants can gain a wide variety of learnings and experiences. Some may wish to learn how to build an Earthship from salvaged materials or how to grow food in a micro-farm setup, while others will seek out more academic and philosophical endeavours such as policy, politics and social change theory. 

As the day comes to a close we turns towards theatre, music, and entertainment. Musicians, DJ's, performers come out to play, while the cinema shows films for social change and the fireplace hosts discussions and catch ups. Being a drug-free and alcohol-free event, the atmosphere is grounded and centred with participants making the most of the opportunity to learns from peers and leaders.

There is play, and there is nature, and there is whimsy and art woven into the fabric of the event, but at the core, Newkind Festival is here to facilitate the empowerment and inspiration of its participants and the programming, principles and the guidelines of the event are purposefully designed to enable this.

With all meals and drinks provided by us and sourced from local Tasmanian produce, we reduce carbon footprint, packaging, food wastage, as well as the money you would normally spend at festivals on food, thereby allowing all of us to be present with the event as well as environmentally sustainable. Just bring your eating utensils, warm clothes and a tent, and the Newkind crew will take care of everything else.


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