What To Bring

The Marion Bay Falls Festival site is a gorgeous setting for Newkind and we are stoked to have such a perfect setting for our conference. 

On-site there are toilets and handwashing facilities, showers as well as the gorgeous Marion Bay beach to swim in. There will be no market stalls, no food stalls, and no information stalls. All your meals, drinks, tea and coffee are provided and your dietary requirements will be catered for. So no need to bring any foodstuffs or camping gear for food prep.

To ensure we leave no pollution, we ask that you do not bring packaging and unnecessary waste that can be taken by the wind. There may be high winds at times, so please ensure you bring suitable tent pegs that will actually hold your tent in place.

There will be sufficient first aid supplies on-site including a paramedic, but personal first aid kits may also be helpful to have around your own campsite. If you have personal medications or an EpiPen please inform us when booking your ticket. 

A complete fire ban may or may not apply at the time of the event, but in any case, we ask that you do not at any time start campfires in your camping area. If there is no fire ban in place there will be a communal fireplace to hang out around and keep warm and chat at nights.


What you should definitely bring

  • Bring a water bottle or container that is refillable and durable. There will be no water for sale in plastic bottles but there will be multiple refill stations. 
  • Bring your eating utensils, including a bowl, plate, mug, knife, spoon and fork. Avoid plastics plates and utensils, invest in some quality implements.
  • Bring a sturdy tent to stay warm in and one that will stay standing, and bring good quality tent pegs. Or book a tent set-up when you book your ticket.
  • Bring a sleeping bag, a pillow and a blanket as well. Bring warm clothes as it does get a bit cold some nights (even in January).
  • Bring a warm, water-resistant jacket or coat. A cotton hoody or jumper might not keep you warm and dry.
  • Bring a handkerchief or two, a towel, your toothbrush and chemical-free soaps and toiletries. 
  • Bring your notebooks and pens, musical instruments, art materials and other tools of creative expression.


What you should not bring

  • Do not bring equipment to cook meals with. All meals and drinks, and all diets are catered for.
  • Do not bring plastic packaging or disposable items. If unavoidable, please also take these with you when we leave the site.
  • Do not bring any recreational drugs or "plant medicines" or other mind-altering substances. 
  • Do not bring any alcohol to the site at any time. 
  • Do not bring any unnecessary glass items or sharps.
  • Do not bring any weapons of any kind; with a licence or not.
  • Do not bring firecrackers, party poppers, glitter or other unnecessary and wasteful novelty items.