What To Bring


What you should definitely bring

  • A water bottle or container that is refillable and durable. There will be no plastic water bottles for sale.
  • Your own eating utensils, including a bowl, plate, mug, knife, spoon and fork. 
  • A suitable tent to stay warm. The $30 ones from K-mart won't do, buy something that will last!
  • A sleeping bag and a small blankie that can double as a cloak if you're cold during the day.
  • Tarps may also be a useful addition. Bring additional tent pegs for your tarp in case of wet weather.
  • A warm and water-resistant jacket or coat. A cotton hoody or jumper will not be sufficient.
  • A handkerchief or two, a towel, sarong or chamois, as well as a toothbrush.
  • Musical instruments, art materials and other tools of creative expression.
  • Your self-made Faction Badge. Sewn, printed and glued, or hand painted... The designs are here.


What you should definitely not bring

  • Equipment to cook meals with. Meals are all provided and individual campfires are not allowed.
  • Plastic packaging, disposables, and other throwaway items. Buy a bamboo toothbrush...
  • Any drugs or alcohol. This has been expressed a number of times so no excuses.
  • Unnecessary glass items or sharps.
  • Weapons of any kind. With a licence or not. 
  • Silly firecrackers or party poppers or glitter or unnecessary and wasteful novelties. 


On the site, there will be composting toilets and handwashing facilities, as well as a gorgeous gigantic body of water to bathe in. We ask that you bring no soaps or shampoos as these are usually not safe for natural wildlife or water purity. The general rule should be, if you wouldn't put it in your mouth, don't put it on your skin. Natural cleaning products are welcome. 

To ensure we leave no pollution, we ask that you do not bring packaging and unnecessary waste that can be taken by the wind. There may be high winds at times, so please ensure you bring suitable tent pegs that will hold your tent in place. There will be first aid on site, of course, but personal first aid kits may also be helpful. 

A complete fire ban may or may not apply at the time of the event, but in any case, we ask that you do not start campfires in your faction quarters. If there is no fire ban in place there will be a communal fireplace to keep warm around and share.