Newkind Festival Vision Statement


Newkind is an annual event designed to empower participants towards becoming effective Agents of Social Change in their own lives and within their local communities. We seek to support champions of social justice, assist innovators and pioneers, and create a space of inspiration and education for those who wish to enact their citizen agency and launch their own individual initiatives.


We book speakers from around the world from various fields of social change and social justice to inform and educate us, to bring us up to date with global needs and trends, technologies and social innovations, to help us become more effective in our individual and collective endeavours for peace, equality and justice.

Our programme is diverse and multifaceted because we recognise that the social issues we face as a global community are inextricably intertwined. To arrive at solutions sooner we need not only solidarity amongst movements but also collaboration. 

We bring together all walks of life, and all forms of social justice, economic, environment and human rights movements, that we may foster a sense of comradery and companionship between these seemingly disparate, but inherently connected, movements for change.

The event itself is a service project designed to inspire and empower participants to initiate their own service-based projects. Social entrepreneurship, advocacy, artistic and academic endeavour, the education of children, the innovation of technology and environmental protection, are all forms of service when carried out in the right spirit and with a pure intention.  

We see social change and the establishment of peace, justice and unity on earth as an honour to be involved with, a privilege and a joy. We recognise this process as an inevitable part of our spiritual and moral evolution as a global family, and we wish to engage with this process from a place of service, and in a posture of humility.

The core crew and the extended team of volunteers all work on a voluntary basis, as a form of service to the attendees of the event and to the world. By empowering the participants to become effective and empowered change makers, we seek to speed the process of social change.

We understand that the awakening of humanity to our interconnected nature and arriving at a place of peace is a process that takes time, and that it is a joy and an honour to further this process. If we are in a position to serve, then let us serve.

As members of the event management team we are all invested in our own personal growth and spiritual development, and at no time do we assume that we hold the master key to the answers of society’s ills. We are simply gathering to acknowledge that there is work to be done, to see what it is we can do as individuals, and then impart our fullest energies for the good of our global family.

As individual members of society do not have all the answers, but a great number of us have studied, worked and served for many years in various fields across the face of this great earth and perhaps together, with pure hearts and selfless intentions we might be able to move a little closer to creating the society we wish to be living in.