UpUpTrampoline and the Newkind Movement 


The creative articulation of intelligent solutions


UpUpTrampoline is an events production company with the soul of a social change movement, and we are here to reinvent reality.  We create experiences that facilitate visceral learning and host environments conducive to education and inspiration. As a crew, we are all engaged in efforts towards social change as speakers, designers, educators, artists, project managers, academics and activists. With over a decade of experience each in festival management, events production, workshop facilitation, and life as touring performing artists, Bravo Child and Erfan Daliri joined forces and created UpUpTrampoline. The vision is to reappropriate the arts and entertainment industries for the purpose of inspiring, initiating and creating social change.

UpUpTrampoline presents creative artist master classes, hosts performance arts events, festivals, street activations, and workshops across the country with an extended crew around the world. Newkind Festival is the core annual event, we have intentions to continue touring internationally as the UpUpCrew, creating art and activating social change as irreverently and unapologetically as possible.

Through touring, performing and running events across the country, as well as facilitating tours and presentations by international guests, we have become a widely dispersed crew of activated and aligned visionaries. We are now a global network of active, articulate and engaged agents of social change. We are artists, educators, filmmakers and innovators, we're game developers, graphic designers, farmers, builders, architects and engineers, we are tech head and dancers, we design our own systems, we play our own games, we are the implementers of social change. 

We are not here to tear down any system or fight against any enemy, rather we intend on intelligently designing and eloquently articulating solutions while living and implementing them as we go. To find out how you can support us in supporting others please send an email to director [at] newkindfestival.com