How to get to Newkind

Once you've booked your tickets to Newkind 2019, you should book a flight to Hobart for Tuesday 19th of February and send us your itinerary to transport [at] and we will add you to our pick-up schedule. We will have charter buses running all day from the airport to the Marion Bay site, so you don't need to worry about what time your flight lands.

When booking return flights for your departure, try to book flights that leave after 11 am on Sunday 24th. If you haven't heard back straight away don't sweat it, we got your ticket and will be cross-checking tickets with the shuttles to make sure everyone is accounted for. 

For locals, we will have a local pick up point in Hobart city, with a few shuttles running on Tuesday 19th and Sunday 24th. We are minimising car traffic to the site so we recommend getting dropped off at the mall and catching the shuttle provided. 

Those who live in their van, campervan, bus or any other home/vehicle hybrid are more than welcome to drive to the site and we will give you exact directions once you've booked your ticket.