How to get to Newkind


We cannot tell you where we are. But we will get you here. 


Once you've booked your tickets to Newkind, you should get onto booking your flight to Hobart. We will have charter buses running all day from Hobart Airport to the event site, so you don't need to worry about what time your flight lands. Just book a flight that lands on Wednesday the 21st and send us your itinerary to Symbio at transport [at] and we will add you to our pickup schedule. At Hobart airport, you will find crew members waiting for you and you'll be checked off on our travel logistics spreadsheet.


If you haven't heard back straight away from the email transport [at], don't sweat it. Symbio is managing a bunch of Newkind logistics and will definitely get back to you within a week. Remember, book a flight to Hobart airport. If you're catching the ferry over with your vehicle, send your travel details to the same email and Symbio will give you details on how to get to the site. For locals, we will have a local pick up point in Hobart city, with multiple shuttles running on Wednesday 21st, and again on Sunday 25th. We are minimising car traffic to the site so we recommend getting dropped off at the mall and catching the shuttle provided. 

When booking return flights for your departure, try to book flights that leave after 12 pm on Sunday 25th. If you can't find a flight out on Sunday 25th March, let us know and maybe we can help. If you're looking accommodation in Hobart let us know; we'll tell you where to stay and where to definitely not stay.