The Story


This is the Newkind Story...


The story of a vagabond artist and a visionary scientist


We can't tell you exactly where we are but we can tell you we're in Tasmania and it's wild, expansive lanscapes are as breathtaking as ever. We can't admit everything to you at once,  but can and we will send weekly video transmissions: In these transmissions, we will tell you how we got to be here, what we intend on doing, and when the time is right we will give you instructions on how to get yourself to base camp.

What we intend on doing at Newkind is empower and inspire agents of social change who can then return to their communities more enamoured and motivated than ever. We wish to slightly destabilise the already capitulating system whilst studying, preparing and presenting alternate systems, solutions and methods. We have no time for complacency. We cannot afford to be disheartened. We have no room for doubt. We Are Newkind. 

It all started off when Spinifex stumbled across this seemingly deserted facility on the Tasmanian East Coast. He found a seed library, gardens, plans for renewable energy systems, construction materials and blueprints for a city that is yet to be built. He thought the place had been abandoned so he started to make himself at home... 

And then we evolved... Welcome to Newkind 2.0 21-25 March 2018