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How to support Newkind 


We're a team of self-funded, solar-powered, heart-centred, plant fuelled humans doing our thing for the betterment of the world as best as we can. Using skills and knowledge bases that we have developed over many years of experience in the arts sector, community service, events management and all manner of social change initiative.

This event and the movement behind it is the result of individual initiative and is funded by members of the team. Any private patronage or ethically minded business sponsorship would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. If you are considering sponsoring the event please feel free to download the sponsor info pack and the financial accounts of Newkind 2017 for your perusal.

To discuss options once you have viewed the below material, please contact the event director Erfan Daliri on director [at] newkindfestival.com



Newkind is entering the world of Virtual Reality...