Newkind 2020 Presenters Lineup will be released in September


We're looking for a diverse range of workshop facilitators, inspirational speakers and educators to spark conversation and seed ideas in the minds of a whole new generation of changemakers, social entrepreneurs and leaders of society. If that's you then apply below and we look forward to seeing you at Newkind 2020.

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Possible Subjects Include;

 Global/Local Economics
 Waste-Free Living
 Social Justice Theory
 Early Childhood Education
 Emotional Intelligence & Literacy
 Ecology or Permaculture Design
 Environmental Protection
 Indigenous Knowledge
 Economic Management and Theory
 Gender Studies or Equality
 Community Building
 Consultation and Communication
 Activism Training
 Messaging and Campaign Design
 Social Movements Theory
 Art for Social Change
 Social Entrepreneurship
 Regenerative or Sustainable Design
 Communication for Social Change
 Built Environment and Town Planning
 Gardening and Growing Food
 Physical Health and Well-Being
 Mental Health and Wellbeing
 Nutrition and Medicine
 Plant-Based Health
 Direct Action Training


Programmes details released Thursday, October 10th 2019.


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