The Pillars of Newkind



The characteristics of honesty and truthfulness arise first and foremost, before the other pillars because they act as a beacon that attracts the hearts and minds of humanity. Living truthfully and speaking honestly inspires courage and confidence in the members of our global family.

Truthfulness is a light that lifts the veils of uncertainty. Whether it is the words that we speak, the authenticity with which we conduct ourselves on a daily basis, or the art through which we express ourselves to the world, truthfulness is paramount amongst the Pillars of Newkind, for it adds strength to all of our actions and opens doors for us that would have otherwise been locked shut. Truthfulness is related to authenticity and integrity; it implies that we do not shy away from speaking with courage and bravery. We do not express ourselves with anything other than whole-hearted truth. We should not say that we believe one thing and then act in discordance to that belief. Let us be unafraid, be brave and at all times, without hesitation live truthfully.

Honesty is a balm that can ease troubled and weary minds. We should ensure that we are worthy of the trust and confidence of our fellow beings, by speaking with stainless honesty. Notice how a lifetime of companionship can be ruined with a moment of dishonest conduct, or how an entire career can be brought into question when a single discrepancy is found between one’s words and their conduct. Is it not what we all seek in this world? a sense of clarity, certainty, reliability and constancy? When you speak with unflinching honesty and unfazed truthfulness it is only natural that people will be drawn to you. So show forth bold, brave, unafraid, openhearted, gently gazing, confidently spoken honesty.

Passive communication is a maze, a game for children and a subtext to be reserved for poetry and plays. Let us be bold and own our truth, let us not allow fear cause us to hide the truth, and let us not resign ourselves to the shadows. Gossip and backbiting is not at all permissible for it is a poison to the heart; even a few drops of it can kill a friendship. Think of the Sun that lights up the earth; how much trust, faith and comfort is brought to you knowing that the sun will rise again tomorrow morning and the morning after that? So too must our honesty and truthfulness be as reliable and consistent as the sun. So those who seek answers, and comfort and safety, can learn to trust us with their hearts and find peace and security in our constancy, our steadfastness and our reliability.

As we adopt these behaviours we will witness hearts opening up to us, gates will swing wide open, opportunities will arise and strong companionship and comradery will be cultivated. It is for this reason that Honesty and Truthfulness form the first pillar of Newkind.

We will stand up and embody the principles we believe in, for this is the most valuable truthfulness of all. To ensure that our daily actions, habits and character reflect our highest ideals and our own internal moral code, will above all else strengthen our trust in ourselves.







Let us be vigilant in our search for truth and embody courage. Let us question what we were told, and investigate the old answers that no longer serve us. Let us independently search, with a keen mind, a level head, an open heart and unjudging eyes let us enter unknown territory.

Courage is a prerequisite to all meaningful action. To love, to learn, to be vulnerable, to speak honestly, to stand up against injustice, to defend the innocent, to face the absurdity of life - just to simply smile all requires great reserves of courage.

Investigation is what leads us to realisation. To become self-aware, to evolve, to discover, to reveal hidden truths and mysteries, to nurture our sense of curiosity, to learn of the true nature of existence and continue the journey towards sustainability, peace, and justice all requires investigation. 

To courageously investigate requires of us to suspend our preconceptions and to be comfortable with uncertainty. Be curious! Question the past, challenge your current moment, investigate the future before it arrives. It is for us to disturb the dust, and disrupt the status quo. It is for us to seek out new directions to grow towards. It is up to us to look at the trajectories of society and see to the exigencies of the community. It is the responsibility of the agent of change to ask questions of the past, to challenge our present moment, and consciously create the future as it arrives. 

Let us be the courageous daydreamers, the deep feelers, the ones who are brave enough to see through the games and find that which has true meaning. Let us act with urgency but not with haste. Let us try new things, let us seek out new ways, and let us search for greater depth. And though we may fail at times, let us at least fail with courage. So lengthen your stride, firm up your stance, be present with your surroundings, open your eyes and do not be overwhelmed.

Look calmly into the horizon for that which nobody else has yet seen. And when you see it, be patient with others as they come to the same awareness; your discovery will only become richer and riper as you patiently wait for others to recognise the same things. Offer them equanimity as they come to realise the truth you have found with your courageous investigation.







Be kind because it is who you are at your core. Be compassionate not because you seek benefit but because this state of being is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself. For the world to come to rest and finally find peace it will require an unwavering type of kindness and compassion. Not the type that displays politeness and courtesy but the type that holds genuine respect, care and affection for everything with which it has a relationship.

Kindness is not something that we can embody in one moment and not in the next. For it to be true and genuine, kindness should exude from our very beings and it should be offered in equal measure to all whom we come across. Let it be powerfully expressed from deep within us, so eventually, it requires no effort on our behalf to be kind and compassionate to those who are unkind towards us. To be kind is to be gentle, it is to be patient and forgiving all at once. It requires of us to not respond to aggressive behaviour in a like manner. To be kind to the earth is to tread lightly, to leave the oceans and lands undisturbed, the forests still standing, to be vigilant and aware of the consequences of our actions and to not allow harm to be carried out in our names. Do not take advantage of the weak and defenceless, but rather uphold justice and protect the rights of the vulnerable and the innocent.

Compassion does not reflect back fears, it does not retaliate to people’s unkind behaviour, but rather absorbs their pain and hurt and transmutes it into love before handing it back. This is the most valuable transmutation of all. With this compassion we can truly transform the world. So listen with genuine curiosity, even to differing opinions, speak in calm tones, even when faced with injustice, look upon others with love in your heart, and do not look too intently when uninvited. Ask yourself in every moment, in every motion and with every word spoken, is this a compassionate action?

This kindness and compassion that we seek to embody is a way of life that we must strive for. At times it will require of us to put aside the mimicked politeness and courtesies that we have been trained into, in order to see to the highest needs of our companions. When we continue to practice it and embody it, it will eventually become engrained into our character and exude from our presence effortlessly intoxicating the hearts of others.

Do not be thoughtless; carry a keep cup. Do not be wasteful; keep a water bottle with you. Do you condone the torture and slaughter of animals by paying for it; it is for you to protect and love them all the same. Do not ingest poisons, toxins and intoxicants, for this will damage and diminish the capacities of your body. Do not overlook the needs of the poor, the homeless or the destitute, for they are as your family. 

It is for us to show forth kindness and compassion at all times and under all conditions, to our fellow beings, to the earth we have sprung from, to the animals that we share this place with, and in equal measure to our own self. This is what the world needs now. This is what evolution feels like.








Individual Initiative is key to the social and spiritual evolution of humanity. Evolution is not a choice but rather an inevitability. The choice we have is whether we wish to be an active agent of change, or simply a witness to it. Growth, evolution and the betterment of the world will happen regardless, and it is the seemingly insignificant individual initiatives that continue to add to the process of our social evolution and spiritual development. So grab your picks, lay hold your pens, pick up your shovels, your spanners or your wrench, focus your telescope or your microscope, dip your brush into paint and stretch your legs; there is a civilisation to evolve, there is progress to be made.

We are each unique Individuals and our ideas are worthy of actioning. It is up to us to take charge, it is up to us to heed the call, we cannot let the mist of complacency take over. It is up to us, the individual agents of change, the activists, the advocates, the artists, the revolutionaries, to take the initiative, to lead the way, and to take the actions that are required. You need no permission to instigate change and we have no time to assume someone else will do it. Every social movement, every motion, every empire, every revolution, every scientific breakthrough and discovery, was at the moment of its inception, an idea in the mind of an individual.

But without Initiative an idea will remain just that. Taking initiative means seeing a job that needs doing, and just doing it. No matter how big or small. Do not be daunted by the immensity of the task at hand, nor resentful of its smallness. With loving kindness and heartfelt compassion, let us do it. With courage and conviction, with sure-footed steadfastness, and with humble self-efficacy, let us see the job done. To embody a strong sense of initiative is to be a stark contrast to the complacency that surrounds us, and this is what it means to embody the Newkind spirit.

Individual Initiative is the beginning of everything! Every idea is given life by individual initiative. No job, no task, no mission, no undertaking is too small or too big for any one of us to take responsibility for. If we see a need, then let us see to it. If we see a discrepancy then let us reconcile it. If we recognise a dissonance then may we heal it. If we witness an injustice then let us stand up and address it. If we are witness to one being made to feel small, then let us step forward and defend. If we hear a cry for help, no matter how distant, then it is ours to answer. It is up to us, the individuals who make up our society to take the initiative to do what needs to be done. 








You are not your body, just as you are not your gender, your race, or your religion, rather you are the consciousness that animates this body. As such, it is your responsibility to investigate, deeply the food and drink that you consume, the chemicals that might be in them, as well as the effects of certain excesses of diet in order for you to maintain clearheaded focus and unfading clarity whilst in this body you have been gifted.

Clarity refers to our state of the mind, the condition of our body, as well as our communication with others. We should meditate to clear our mind, drink water to clear our body, breathe deeply to clear our heart. The vehicle that we have been gifted with, this avatar we have embodied, is connected to our consciousness, and it is an infinitely capable and unimaginably powerful tool. This body should be treated with respect, with love and with kindness. Let us not lose ourselves in the middle of this earthly strife, let us maintain our full wits about us at all times, let us consider the dilemmas we face and propose intelligent solutions with sober minds. Time is of the essence, we need our fullest presence, and until we have healed the wounds and calmed the dissonance, let us refrain from unneccessary intoxicants. 

Focus will be maintained only through this level of clarity. You are placed on this earth to endure. To be present with what you witness, not to escape that which troubles you. You are placed on this earth to learn of patience, to comprehend the depth of your own character, the extent of your strength, and the limitless powers of discovery and creation that lay latent within you. Be respectful and present, be patient with yourself, your world and with those around you. Let us put down the drinks that wash away your pains and tell our friends and lovers what it is that truly troubles us, let us heal these wounds while we are still here.

In the world beyond this world there will be no wine to quench the pangs of longing and separation. While we are here on this earth let us deal with our traumas, our grief and our impatience. If we feel the urge to let loose and relax, then, by all means let us do so. But let us learn to do it for yourself. Further to this and more to the point, toxins and intoxicants that alter our state of mind, the functionality of our body or affect our level of consciousness in a drastic or sudden way should be avoided.

Once free of this body we will have to navigate the universe by the power of our mind, and through purity of your heart, so we should treat them both with respect, and learn to keep them clear and focused. Our commitment to this is not an impotent puritan ideal but rather it is essential for our ability to see to the exigencies of this world and for the sake of our continued journey throughout all of the worlds of existence. We are placed on this earth that we may slowly come to our fullest of senses, to allow this world to slowly reveal to us her glory as we develop the capacity to bear witness. We are not here to tear open the rosebud of our minds in hatefulness, but rather to be patient and enduring, to allow life to reveal herself to us, when she is ready to bloom.








The human spirit is innately and inherently kind, gentle, generous, intelligent, and of a pure and goodly nature. Only when we are afraid, when we lose our composure, only when we are lacking in calmness and strength of courage do we begin to act in ways that are cruel, unkind or unintelligent. It is up to us to practice composure, and reinforce our ability to remain calm and unflustered. It is ours to endure, and it is ours to maintain our presence of mind and our fearlessness and nobility even when attacked, disrespected or outflanked in conversation or confrontation. 

Our nobility is not determined by bloodline, social status or occupation; our nobility is shown by the way we hold another’s gaze. We were all brought into this existence noble, we were all created as royalty, we were all created whole, complete and trustworthy, let no one convince us otherwise. Be noble my friends, in our hearts and in our minds, for inevitably it will show in our actions. May we be clear, composed and unafraid, for this will show itself in our gait and in our gaze, it will be obvious in the way we hold our head high and shoulders broad. Let us be kingly my friends, let us be the greatest versions of ourselves that we can be.

Composure is the calmness of nature we display, our bright and cheerful gaze, our deep and gentle breathing, our open and present heart, and our steady hand that will inspire our fellow beings. It is from there that our power and ability to influence our surroundings will come from. The very earth itself will respond to us when we are able to show forth such presence and composure. Experience the blissful joy that comes with smiling calmly and kindly into the eyes of your detractors and oppressors.

It is up to us to display the characteristics that we so eagerly wish to witness in the world. Peacefulness. Serenity. Calm. Fairness. Justice. And to do so, we must first embody our nobility and be firmly planted in unwavering composure. We must stay calm under pressure, stay kind under fire, remain peaceful in times of turbulence and as we do, let that silent moment of self-awareness remind us of the truth of our nobility. For it is only when we are calm and composed, only when we are truly embodying our nobility that we can claim to be the emblems and the upholders of justice.

This is what we are here to do. To establish peace, serenity, and justice, we are not here to bicker, argue, or retaliate. If we can show such noble composure then it will spread, and others will be able to learn from our example and in turn display it themselves. Remember, at our core, all of us are kind and compassionate when unafraid and calm. So be fearless friends. Do not let that serenity be taken away from you, and you will always act with love and thus your decisions will always be just.








It is up to us to remove of ourselves all of our imagined entitlements, to return to humility, and build from the very foundation once again, respectful and honorable relations. As champions of Newkind, it is up to us to set the example, and it must be a spotless and unwavering one in order to have an effect on the hearts and minds of humanity. Half-hearted attempts will not suffice in the area of consent. This is not one of the cases in which we ‘try our best’

Radical Consent is the counterweight that is desperately required to rectify the plight of humanity. With our numbers so few, we must apply this principle with such momentum and conviction that it may balance the rest of humanity.

In no unclear terms let us understand what is meant by radical consent. We should not touch that which we do not have express consent to touch, regardless of how innocent we might believe our touch to be. We should not allow our gaze to linger when uninvited nor should we allow our eyes to covet anything, ever. Understand this, comprehend it, practice and apply it for your own betterment and for the sake of this world. Affirmative consent will lead us along the path towards nobility and away from the detrimental effects of entitlement, privilege and socially ingrained injustices.

It should be very clear that comments and compliments on the physical form or beauty of a person, implies that your opinions of their form are valid, required or even allowed. To do so is to take liberties that are not yours to take. Such physical assessments exist within a social context of sexualisation, objectification and misogyny, and they are generally uninvited and lacking in maturity and nobility. Avoid such base conversation and refrain from bringing attention to the physicality of other beings. It is not necessary and there are much more enlightened conversations to be had.

If we pick fruit from a branch hanging over our fence, this is not radical consent. If a person is not in possession of their full wits or presence when we engage in intimacy, then it is not affirmative consent. If we speak on behalf of others even when they are not present, this is not consent. If our hug lingers longer than necessary or our gaze is unwelcome or unnerving, this is not aligned with affirmative consent.

The responsibility is with us to seek consent, to clarify consent, and to respect it. It is up to those of us who call ourselves Newkind, to know even when yes means no, it is up to us to be proactive in seeking consent and never, ever assume.

It is with a refined character, unshakable respect for sovereignty, a chaste mind, a clean heart and honest hands, that we can bring light into this darkened world. Our relationships with each other, with mother nature, with sensuality, and each other’s cultures, have all been imbued with entitlement and privilege, objectification, commodification and uninvited sexualisation.

The remedy to this, the potent cure, the counteraction that will lead to balance is Affirmative Consent. Be vigilant in this matter, be present and be proactive in the protection of other’s rights with respect to consent and their sovereignty. This will create in us strength of character, it will allow others to feel safe in our presence, in a world that does not often feel safe, it will create stronger bonds of friendship and deeper levels of trust and companionship.








The eighth pillar relates to courage, conviction and patience under difficulties. It relates to strength when times are tough. It is connected to reliability and structural integrity; it brings to mind resilience under pressure and composure under fire. When all the other pillars are embodied, we arrive at a place where we are required to show constancy and staying power. We might have the highest ideals and moral codes but it is our fortitude and steadfastness that will show how much we actually believe in them.

Fortitude is courage in the face of pain or adversity, danger or temptation. To be effective agents of change, to be champions of social justice and equity we will need to stand by our principles and show courage when we are tested. Much like truthfulness, this type of inner fortitude and core strength will inspire others to place their faith in us, and we will inspire them to take their first tentative steps towards change.

Steadfastness is an unwavering constant that can be depended upon. It is not necessarily how loudly we state our claims that will change people’s minds and shape their hearts, rather it is how patiently and calmly we stand by those statements that will inspire them and soften them enough to hear us. Our actions will always speak much louder than our words, and our steadfastness will silently show those around us how much faith we have in our ideals.

Change may be slow, it may be gradual and incremental and in the process there may be setbacks and difficulties; it is up to us to maintain our course and not be disheartened. All of the highest intentions, the best-laid plans and the preparation, investigation and training in the world will bring no outcome at all if we do not stand by our plans, our ideals and our intentions. With fortitude, we show our strength of character. With fortitude we show our courage. With steadfastness we show our patience, we show our conviction. This fleeting and transitory world is in need of those with the courage to stand firm, to be points of reference in all of the turmoil. Be that point of stillness in the distance for others to look towards as they stumble. Be the hand that does not shake when they come to take hold. Let your fortitude and steadfastness be a shelter for others to find comfort in.








The final pillar of Newkind is that of peaceful balance. It is balance and moderation that will lead us to harmony. The objective of our evolution and the purpose of social change is to constantly move towards harmony, towards peacefulness, towards balance and resonance.

Peacefulness is a deeper virtue, something bigger than just balance, it is a balance point of its own. When disturbed or unsettled, return to peacefulness for it is your natural state of being, and in your natural state of being you are more intelligent and more effective. In our actions, in our daily habits and in our endeavours, we should seek to eventually find peacefulness. Harmony is beauty, and balance allows for free-flowing growth and abundance. In our relationships, our relations and interactions we should be peaceful, and when peace is lost, we should seek to find it once again.

Balance should be found in our ideals and ideas, our diets and in our daily habits, in our endeavours and our relationships. To recognise the oneness of all life we must seek and recognise the harmony of existence. And to recognise this we should arrive at peacefulness and to achieve peacefulness we should first practice balance. In all systems of nature, though there exist complex hierarchies and interactions there is still perfect harmony and balance. Life and nature are both full of extremes and extremities, and yet within it all there is always balance. It is for us to find that point within ourselves.

This pillar is the last for many reasons, not the least of which is that it requires all the other pillars first. It is in trying to balance all the virtues and the characteristics of those virtues that we accomplish something truly valuable. To practice peaceful balance requires wisdom and understanding. It is a learning that comes with time, with patience and experience, and it is a crucial final piece of the 9 pillars. And why is this pillar so important to us? Because; with peaceful balance, we will find justice. It is up to us to live peaceful and balanced lives that we may begin to witness the dawn of justice. In justice we will find equality, in justice we will find equity and we will find a deeply resonating love of all things.