The Newkind Philosophy


Social change is the process of evolution; both inevitable and unstoppable. The only choice we have is how much we actively engage with it. If you're reading this with any genuine interest in attending Newkind in 2019, then you kind of already know which side of history you want to be on.

You've decided you want to engage in this process of social evolution, to champion justice and defend the environment and the rights of the innocent, to protect and uphold the principles of unity, equality and peace. And the team at Newkind is with you on this journey.

We seek to not only challenge the status quo and disrupt the current state of affairs but to also challenge and better ourselves that we may be of greater service, that we may arrive at better solutions and design more holistic systems from a more whole and centred self.

Activism without a deep spiritual and intellectual well to draw from is a fragile expression of anger that effects little to no change, and self-centred spiritual practice or wordy conversation without the activism is a well that one can easily drown in.

Advocacy without action is weightless, and action without clear thought, pure intentions and a clean heart will cause further harm in the long run. You see, it's all connected and it's all required.
The rectitude of conduct, the purity of intention, awareness and empathy with other movements, understandings of economy, deep ecology, quantum physics, and Indigenous knowledge, calmness and composure, a spirit of service and a posture of humility. And patience... immense, immense amounts of love and patience.

It is up to those of us who want to create change to conduct ourselves with a certain integrity, a composure, and a sense of clarity of thought that is a stark contrast to current norms. For we see social change not just as an expectation of external change, but a holistic approach towards a kinder, more just and equitable society, beginning with the character and actions of the individuals who live within that society.

We should be prepared to go further than what is considered normal, go above and beyond what is expected, think new thoughts, imagine new systems and live extraordinary lives. To not oppose any part of this capitulating society though we absolutely disagree with it, rather we will focus our energies on creating the systems, the technology, and the social structures that will guide us towards the kind of society we wish to live in while the failing systems fall by the wayside.

Let us remain undaunted in the face of the challenges and uncertainties that surround us, and relentless in our efforts. Newkind is not about adversarial politics or finger-pointing bickering; "there is no enemy but for the enemy within." There is no political party or ideology that will solve this. It is a change in human behaviour and the systems and structures within which we operate.

At Newkind we stand for justice, kindness, compassion, truth and cross-disciplinary collaboration for the benefit of the whole. The ethical, peaceful and compassionate conduct and daily habits of the activist is the most consistent and powerful form of social change there is.

And Newkind, the festival, the conference, the annual gathering, is just an empowerment boot camp to inspire and educate ourselves further on how to make the most effective change we can in the time we have.

I'll see you in February,
Erfan Daliri




What is Newkind Festival all about?

Newkind Festival is an attempt to re-appropriate the familiar and effective mechanism which is the immersive festival experience to engage in world issues, in a real and meaningful way. Conferences are great for information sharing and festivals offer the opportunity for a visceral and immersive learning experience. Newkind is merging these two tools in order to activate and empower participants towards addressing global and local issues in a more efficient and effective way.

We genuinely want to start a revolution, but not an anti-establishmentarian one, rather a pro-individual initiative one. A revolution that places responsibility on the individual and places the focus on how WE want to change, and what WE have to offer, rather than how we want the world to change. We recognise that in order for social change to be real, tangible and lasting we need revolutionary individuals who place the onus of change upon themselves. Brave and courageous people who can speak up when required, activists who can channel their immense empathy into glorious art, vegans who can speak calmly and eloquently about their reasons, environmentalists who embody the principles they stand for, entrepreneurs who seek positive change over profit margins; this is Newkind.




Is it a Festival or is it a Movement?

The event is hosted like a festival, but think of it as just the annual convention of a social change movement. Newkind is a movement in that we espouse a way of life and a certain attitude that in turn allows for a sense of cohesion and clarity. Festivals and conferences are events that facilitate certain experiences, but the choreography begins and ends with the event. Social movements are in essence the gaining of momentum towards a certain goal or accomplishment due to a common point of solidarity. What we are doing with this particular movement is that we are broadening our point of solidarity by recognising that all social ills and global concerns are actually inextricably interconnected; there is no separation. 



What does  'We Are Newkind' mean?

The statement ‘We Are Newkind’ is a declaration of solidarity with humanity. It removes all preconceptions of division and separateness. It says, we have no enemy, we have no adversary, and we have no desire but for the safety and security of any individual with whom we share this planet. We Are Newkind says that we will not stand idly by while there remains conflict, economic disparity, domestic violence or environmental abuse and neglect. We Are Newkind says, we are aware of dissonance, disparity and injustice and will no longer remain silent. It says we will take responsibility AND we will take action. It says that we are here to commit ourselves to service in whatever way is required of us each and every day. 

We Are Newkind refers to a new iteration of what a human being can be. It is a letting go of the patriarchal term, mankind, and all that has been carried out the in the name of race, class, religion, culture and creed. Newkind refers to the post-human entity that recognises the unity that connects all life. We Are Newkind, is a banner for all to stand with as they enact the change they wish to see in the world. 




Newkind Festival is at its core a social change movement and as such the guidelines and principles of the experience extend far beyond the required industry legislation, or even that which is reasonably expected from festival goers.  

The Newkind philosophy is one of ‘relentless effort towards the betterment of the world through service.’ It asks for the ‘utmost integrity and commitment to upholding humanitarian ideals,’ with 'fearless dedication to speaking and living truthfully.'

In living truthfully we stand by certain principles in the facilitation of the event, principles that we believe are at the core and foundation of the new kind of civilisation we wish to usher in.


The gathering will be hosted with the following principles in place.

Zero  Waste  - This means that any waste produced by the event must be either composted or recycled. There will be no disposable bottles or packaging. We refuse to continue to add to the accumulation of plastic in landfill or in the ocean, nor do we wish to give further reason for conflict over oil in order to make disposable plastics. Sustainable alternatives exist, we just need to use them.

Green Energy Only - All event logistics will be run on renewable energy only. If we can implement systems that use sustainable and renewable energy, and people can witness it, then it becomes a more real and tangible option for them. We don't need coal electricity, but it is our dependence on it that maintains the industry. How can we ask for mining to cease if we are still using those very same resources?

Cruelty-Free -  Newkind Festival will not provide any meat, dairy, or animal products of any nature due to ethical, economic and environmental reasons. How we treat the animals of this earth is the true measure of our progress as a human race, not our scientific development or academic achievement. 

Drug & Alcohol Policy  -  The space that we hold will be free of alcohol and drugs. We kindly ask that participants refrain from bringing personal supplies. For the time that we are together at base camp, we wish to hold a space that is clear, focused and intentional. It's a small adjustment to make if we consider what is at stake.


We believe in order for the content presented at the event to be truly appreciated and be presented wholeheartedly, the event production and logistics should stand by the principles we advocate. We can look around us and see how the systems and structures that we had once put our faith in are failing us so rather than just point this fact out, we stand as agents of change who take it upon ourselves to investigate and implement new systems, technologies and ways of life that are equitable, regenerative and benefit the whole of society. 


Dr Martin Luther King - Those who love peace must learn to organise as effectively as those who love war

R. Buckminster Fuller - You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete

Mahatma Ghandi - You must be the change you want to see in the world


You see, it's all already been said. We just need to get on with the job and actually do it. Join us at Newkind basecamp. #WeAreNewkind