Marty Bright AKA Howling Heart

Marty Bright AKA Howling Heart

Marty Bright has established himself over the past 7 years around Australia and the world as a funny fella and spoken word soothsayer.

His comedy performances have taken him to the top comedy clubs and festivals in Australia including Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival, gigs in New Zealand, Canada and the U.S

Marty has also crafted his own niche by becoming the go to comedian for alternative and concsious art based festivals around the nation under the banner " Doof Comedy Jam" . These fests include Nimbin Mardi Grass, Dragon Dreaming, Folk Rhythm and Life ,and Burning Seed to name a few. 

The alias Howling Heart is a relatively recent emergence for Marty Bright but in the space of two years has taken his psychedelic spirtitual romantic fantastical poetry and spoken word to a new level. Performing at poetry slams, opening for reggae musicians and hosting arts and conscious community events his sincere yet cosmic wordsmithery is really hitting it strides.

Ontop of his performing arts talents Marty Bright has been an active and passionate contributor to community based projects over the past 10 years, having worked tirelessly in disability, youth work and education alongside developing his career as an entertainer.