Jason Rahilly

Jason Rahilly

Jason Rahilly

Founder of B-Alternative

Presenter Biography

Activism to entrepreneur to planeteer - we are one!

Jason has had his fair share of career experimentations. From footballer to builder, he is an entrepeneur in every sense of the word. But he always felt that there was always something missing. He decided the planet and her beings needed more than selfish short term satisfactions...

Thats when the journey with Sea Shepherd began, paving the path to make a difference. Taking part in very direct activism in the Faroe islands, and multiple other campaigns on his homeland, was a sobering realisation to the catastrophic destruction and damage being caused to the oceans and environment. Jason put his business-mind and passionate drive into birthing a grassroots, solution focused and conscious business- B Alternative. Education, business, structure and fun was the perfect recipe for catalysing 'B Alternative,' using it as a vehicle to make positive change for the greater good.

'Don't let democracy fool you! The power is in us - not in our leaders! If we want change, we must grab it and lead ourselves.




A entrepreneurial spirit at heart, building businesses is in Jason's blood. His money making schemes in primary school and started his first official business, a personal training company, at 17. His late teenage years and early twenties were spent living interstate while playing VFL. He moved into carpentry at 22 and soon started his own carpentry business. 

Jason's love for animals and frustration with the plastic pollution lead to the birth of B-Alternative.  
As a business minded human he understood that by build a successful business model, he could support the philanthropic and educational activities needed to make real change.
Now a licenced builder, Jason is also building earthships and looking at sustainable off grid communities.