The Virtual Reality Experience

It's about sustainability and it's about social change, it's about empowerment and it's about access to information and knowledge sharing across the globe. The programming for Newkind Festival is carefully selected to empower and inspire agents of change to implement change in their own communities. And we think making that content available to as many people as possible is the most effective way we can bring about change. 

There is no denying that Virtual Reality is the medium of our age, it is the printing press of our era, and it is only inevitable that it will soon become the main means for the transfer of information and knowledge. It's immersive, lifelike, able to generate a visceral reaction, and much more capable of transferring an experience or information in a whole and complete way. 

The combination of the cutting-edge technology of Ignition Immersive and their ability to capture live events in 3-D and along with the asset creation, site mapping and festival planning software of Metavents, will ensure that the Virtual Reality experience of Newkind is going to be something of a revolution in itself.

When we consider the social change focused content of Newkind Festival then the importance and impact of this project becomes even more apparent. With expansion packs adding further content every year, this one-time ticket to the VR experience of Newkind becomes a powerful tool for change. 

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