The Newkind Philosophy


Beyond the festival grounds and the programme, beyond the environmental awareness and creative design of the narrative that is embedded into the experience, Newkind stands for a philosophy and a set of core principles. These core principles are called The Pillars of Nekwind, and they are the guiding philosophy behind the policies and procedures, the ethics and the activism, of Newkind. 

The Newkind Statements that we release from time to time are more manifesto type expressions to the world, calls to action, or political articles to be shared widely. The Policies and Procedures are more directed to the crew and attendees at the event in order to create a safe space and smoothly flowing event. Whilst The Pillars of Newkind are the distilled essence of the Newkind spirit in nine succinctly expressed principles that inspire all of our actions. 

The activism, the environmentalism, the advocacy, the vegan and straightedge policies, the disestablishmentarian and political awareness and engagement are all rooted in a strong philosophy of non-violent self-determined individual evolution. Reading these pillars thoroughly time and again will remind you of why we do what we do. Take your time perusing the pillars, and become familiar with them to understand what Newkind really is about.