Newkind Impact Analysis


We're stoked to release the Impact and Analysis Report for Newkind 2019 thanks to the epic collaboration of, Futuregiving and Edge Environment and the efforts of the wonderful volunteer crew of Newkind Festival. Please note that in the comparison table, we compare our carbon footprint to industry-standard festival procedures for an event of the same size, i.e 500 people.

This report is the culmination of a great deal of considered research and data collection, and a very useful resource not only for our own further process refinement, but also for other festival and event organisers interested in measuring and reducing the impact of their events and conferences.

Newkind is run on only renewable energy, a plant-based diet and has a zero-waste policy. This report outlines exactly how, or how close, we were to achieving our sustainability goals, quantifies the positive impacts the event generated and outlines the areas in which we can reduce our carbon footprint even further in future. We invite you to check out our report and get to know a bit more about how we do things at Newkind, as well as the direction our sustainable practice policy is moving in.

At Newkind, we believe that if we want to discuss and advocate for sustainability and environmental protection, then we should make every effort to align our events and our lifestyles with these principles. #ClimateAction #SocialJustice #Sustainability #SocialChange #GreenEnergy #ZeroWaste #Newkind #WeAreNewkind

We would like to offer special thanks to Sara Rickards and Ayush Jain of Futuregiving, Timothy O'Brien, Ben Farley of Hatched, and Rooy, Max Van Biene and Joana Almeida from Edge Environment for compiling this peer-reviewed document for Newkind Festival 2019.

For the full list of acknowledgments for Newkind 2019, please see the document. 


*Carbon Footprint Comparision Table compares Newkind Festival with a standard festival of 500 people. To compare with an event of 5000 participants you can 10x the carbon footprint comparison for a more accurate comparison.





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