Newkind Guidelines


We do not surrender. We do not give up. We are Newkind.


We treat life with respect and acknowledge the nobility of all living creatures. 

We treat the Earth with respect and we live in aligned balance with Her.

We remain diligent, attentive and present with our surroundings at all time.

We will not cause dishonour or embarrassment for any being, at any time.

We are respectful of our bodies and treat them with attentive care.

We cannot be angered. We act only from a place of composure and intelligence.

We stand for and defend human rights and the rights of animals.

How we do anything is how we do everything, so we are present, we are aware, we are kind.




Why are we gathering at Newkind Festival?

There is no doubt that a small group of committed, highly intelligent, socially-minded individuals can change the world, so imagine the power of influence when several hundred clear-minded, focused and open-hearted renegades gather together in Tasmania for a single purpose; the reinvention of reality. Even though we call this a festival, we know full well that it isn't. At Newkind we cut the crap, sift through the bs and get down to business. If we want to talk about sustainability we need to implement those systems in our bodies and in our lives, if we want to argue about politics and economic failings we need to educate and enlighten ourselves so we can propose viable solutions, if we wish to live in a kind world that is free of injustice and cruelty, then we should stand by our cruelty-free principles. Newkind is a conference of ideas, a master class for change makers, a boot camp for social change.


Why is Newkind a Cruelty-Free event?

We believe all animals should be treated with respect and kindness, that they should be loved and honoured for the majestic beings that they are, and as such we cannot participate in the commodification, torment or slaughter of animals. The way in which animals are farmed and harvested as if they were objects to be subjugated is not aligned with our higher integrity. If we wish to live in a world that is free of injustice and unnecessary cruelty, then we cannot justify cruelty or injustice. There is no humane way to kill an animal that does not want to die. Our diet, our clothing and cleaning products, our household items, all have alternatives, and by being understanding, softly spoken, intelligent and articulate vegans, we allow the conversation to be continued so others may be gently guided towards a kinder way of living.  Read our Animal Rights Statement


How and Why is Newkind Zero Waste?

The why is simple; because turning millions of tonnes of valuable resources into waste that goes to landfill, every single day is not a sustainable way of living, nor is it a thoughtful, considerate or kind way of living. Disposable paper and plastic packaging is both thoughtless and unnecessary, and there is no reason why we cannot use the alternatives that exist; biodegradable natural alternatives, edible disposable spoons, water bottles that you can refill, these are things are not things of fantasy, they already exist, so why are we not using them? Fast food, fast lives, convenience, and lack of effort really. So let's put in some effort, because living on this planet is kinda cool, and it would be nice if we could continue to do so. 

So at Newkind, we ask that you bring your own plate, bowl, knives, spoons, mugs and water bottles. Bring handkerchiefs instead of paper napkins, bring no cans of soft drink or plastic bottles of water. We will source our food from local farmers and if it's wrapped in plastic packaging, we simply won't buy it. It's not an easy transition, but together we can do it. We respectfully ask that you do not bring bags of chips or plastic bottles of water. We provide all meals, desserts, fruits and drinks, and we do it in a way that does not add energy to wasteful or non-sustainable industries. 


How and why will Newkind be run on renewable energy only?

The entire event will be run on renewable power by using solar panels and battery backups for the stages, and workshop areas. The lighting around the event will be solar powered. The charging station and WiFi zone will be powered by our own windmill that we will construct on site. Temple space will be lit with lanterns. Nourish woods will have a communal fireplace. And any renewable energy companies who wish to showcase or display their technology are welcome to apply. We can't sit around to discuss sustainable practice and environmental awareness if we use coal-fueled town power or have generators humming away in the background. So we decided we would provide only renewable and sustainable power and explore the possibilities of free energy. What would become of the powers to be who hold the majority of the world's wealth, if we decided to only use free energy? What would happen to the oil and motor companies, and the endless conflicts over oil-rich areas of the world? This is the discussion that Newkind wants to champion. Oh, and in case you're wondering? 


What is your Drug and Alcohol Policy?

Newkind Festival is an alcohol-free event because we genuinely wish to reinvent reality. Imagine the inspired action and conscious evolution that would be possible if we maintained a clear-headed approach to life, if youth were not trying to drown their sorrows every weekend but actually dealing with them. We ask that we come together and instead of using alcohol as a social lubricant or a way to 'unwind' we remain engaged and attentive to all the learning available and ably mark our course forward to a new kind of society. It is clear that the use of alcohol and drugs has become excessive and damaging and we wish to address this issue by showing how clear-headed and compose youth can make better use of their energies. Whatever benefit there is in micro-dosing of certain chemicals and responsible dispensing of plant-based medicines, Newkind is not the place to try it. We do not allow self-medication at this event, nor do we disrespect plant medicines by using them recreationally. Read our StraightEdge Statement.


What toiletries and cleaning products should I bring?

Your skin is the largest of your body and it is, as you know, absorbent. What we place on our skin and scalp is absorbed into our bloodstream, and with that understanding, it becomes clear that if you wouldn't put it in your mouth, then you probably shouldn't put it on your skin. Further to that, the amount of toxins that are already ending up in our waterways and oceans is not something we wish to contribute to. What many people are not aware of is that many of these cleaning products are also using animal products and as such, we do not wish to be participating in that either. So at Newkind, we ask that you bring no toiletries and cleaning products that are not 100% natural. If you are unsure of what is and is not considered natural, send us a message at firstcontact [at] and we will be suggest our favourite ethical and natural products. We will also have these available at the event, so you don't even have to worry about pre-packing them.