Tyrone Jaspers

Tyrone Jaspers

Tyrone Jaspers

Artisan Builder & Sculptor

Tyrone Jaspers designs and builds environmentally sustainable homes that people fall in love with. His approach is holistic, taking the home-owners living lifestyle into account, so each house is their unique expression. Tyrone comes from a long lineage of European artisans and craftsman.

He also adds value to existing homes with quality architectural features that work in harmony with the house. He works with natural materials, like wood and stone – but also works with glass, metal and concrete.

Tyrone's new passion is sculpting. Forging and upcyling metal into collectable pieces of unique outdoor art and ‘landscape sculptures’. A transient form of art using what is on site, natural or native and reinventing to create something new and intriguing. Tyrone's first series of landscape art images were created in beautiful Tasmania and King Island.

Tyrone builds using natural materials like stone, strawbale and wood. In 2010 he built his own home from polystyrene blocks and the roof holds 8 tonnes of dirt with 4500 plants.. a green roof. It appeared on grand designs australia in 2012 and on ABC november 2018. 

Tyrone will lead a session with Ben Preston to help identify and explain practical ways that people and organisations can build homes and communities that live in harmony.

They will address the practicalities of sustainability when building a house, detailing the challenges he encountered when building with eco designs and techniques; including the lack of support from the government and local councils, hindering Australians to build this way.  They will speak of 'cradle to the grave' eco-building, and how a practical score-card system helped to bring balance to decision making when time and budgets are tight.  

From BIG picture systems thinking to grand designs house build