Oliver Kyr

Oliver ‘Wyld Rose’ Kyr - Storyteller

Oliver ‘Wyld Rose’ Kyr - Storyteller

World Premiere: 'Root Republic'

World Premiere Screening of 'Root Republic' - an adventorous journey into the very heart of trees & plants’

Presenter Biography 

Oliver is dedicating his life to being a StoryHealer, inspiring humans with his films & books and thus awaken consciousness. He believes that all life on this planet is our family and that there will never be a ‘World peace’ if it is planned as a VIP peace for humans only.

Since 2015, Oliver and his family have been travelling this beautiful planet, home for us all, to find inspiring stories and bring them home to the people. They started with an online videoblog ‘the children’s cosmos’, interviewing Europe’s children about their fears, dreams and visions. They then managed a vegan transformation retreat in the mountains above Lago di Como in Italy and filming ‘Listen to Life’.

Last year, they created ‘Citizen Animal’, a documentary on animals’ rights and episode 1 of a film trilogy on our fellow lifeforms. The film has been awarded BEST DOCUMENTARY at festivals in Greece, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile and was also in the official selection of the GREEN FILM WEEK in China. 

Since January 2018, Oliver and his family have been travelling Central America for episode 2, ‘Root Republic’, on the conscience of trees and the magical wisdom of plants. Episode 3 on microorganisms - ‘Little Big Family’- will be filmed 2019.

Oliver's latest novel ‘Ascheland’ (land of ashes) was awarded with the Silver Skoutz Award 2017 and tells the story of Germany after a devastating WWIII and follows the question:
‘If we love our children that much, why are we destroying their future?’

Oliver has been a member of film festival and book award juries and is also member of the Rotary World Club for Peace.
For three years, he has also been in the board of directors of Germany’s Burnout prevention association DBVB and honorary reader in a Berlin hospice. Oliver recently joined the German Pax Terra peace festival with an online lecture on ‘VIP peace’ that you can see on his page: www.OnePlanetOneFamily.is