Farvardin Daliri

Dr Farvardin Daliri OAM

Dr Farvardin Daliri OAM

Townsville Intercultural Centre

Presenter Biography

Born in1955 in central Persia, Dr Farvardin Daliri was brought up in Tehran, Iran.  As a young Bahá’í he fell victim of religious persecution and imprisonment in Tehran.  After leaving Iran as a teenager he gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a postgraduate research qualification in Ceramic design from Lucknow University in India.   He dedicated his time to religious and cultural harmony and children’s education and was instrumental in establishment of up to 130 Bahá’í elementary schools in remote Indian villages. 


Dr Daliri arrived in Australia as a Bahá’í refugee in 1984.  He completed a Bachelor of Education at Latrobe University and a Masters of Education on Baha’i Educational Perspective at Monash University.  He graduated for his Doctoral thesis in Education at James Cook University which is about the educational predicament of Indigenous children and their discursive cultural dislocation at the point of entering school. 


Dr Daliri is the Executive Director of the Townsville Intercultural Centre. He is the event founder/organiser of the 'Cultural Fest’, an annual festival in which 35,000 people participate.   Cultural Fest is based on the theme of Unity In Diversity, which is inspired by the concept of World Citizenship.


Dr Daliri has initiated many major community education projects and Cross-Cultural Awareness sessions towards a more cohesive, harmonious, united and inclusive society, including Ship of Hope monument, the Rainbow Serpent Monument, the Unity in Diversity Project and the 60-meters-long Carpet Snake project for the Indigenous community in Ayr.


Dr Daliri has received the Australia Day award for promoting multiculturalism and Reconciliation and a Centenary of Federation Medal for community service. He is also a recipient of Order of Australia Medal for serving his community. He has also published two books: I Think I Should Not Think (Amazon 2014) and The Ghost Of the Billabong Speaks Amazon 2016).