Dr Peter Johnston

Dr Peter Johnston

Dr Peter Johnston

Ending Animal Agriculture

'Keto', 'Paleo', 'Vegan', 'Low Carb', 'High Carb', 'WFPB', 'Intermittent Fasting'... with so many diet terms circulating around, it can be very confusing as to what the essence of healthy eating really looks like! Hear from these three highly informed healthcare professionals about how you can cut through the food industry spin and get to the real #nutrititionfacts! With practical advice on how to incorporate the latest plant-based nutrition science into your life, this panel may just add years to your life, and life to your years… as well as helping the planet and the animals!

Originally from Dunedin, New Zealand, Peter became exclusively plant-based in 1991 after reading John Robbins’ book Diet for a New America whilst employed in Montreal, Canada as a post-doctoral research fellow. He has developed and runs a workplace-based program known as The Wholefood Solution where staff receive intensive support to go whole food plant-based for three weeks – a first for Australia!

Peter is driven to achieve optimum health, both in himself and in others. He is a dedicated yoga practitioner, cycles 200km on most weeks, skis very fast, and competes in speed windsurfing, with a personal best of 42 knots.

Peter spent a decade as a left wing political activist campaigning in three countries and five cities.

He runs a nutrition private practice: Perfect Human Food Consulting, offering individual consultations, workplace training, residential reboot programs and public speaking. Peter has spent the last 15 years working in health promotion/community development. Peter has a voracious interest in the latest research and developments in plant-based nutrition.

B.A (Psychology)

B.Sc Hons (Zoology)
M.Sc (Nutrition and Dietetics)
Ph.D (Human Genetics)