Who will be at Newkind? 

Newkind is a gathering for the socially active, the politically engaged and spiritually aware, the tech savvy, the eco-conscious, the inspired and activated agents of change who wish to co-create a new reality. We are meeting for the purpose of social change, and nothing will get in our way. Permaculturalists, Phd students, hackers, adventurers, healers, social scientists, artists, inventors, activists and eco-warriors. We are Newkind, and we ask you, are you one of us?


What does my faction choice effect?

Your faction choice ultimately influences your themed camping area. You will have faction huddles, debriefs and special events, but you will be free to experience all workshops, lectures and activities freely. 


Can I purchase a day pass to Newkind?

There will be no day passes to Newkind, all participants will be there for the duration of the 4-day event to ensure a holistic and complete experience.


Are children welcome at Newkind? 

Yes. Children are welcome and the environment is child and family friendly. Newkind is a drug, meat, dairy and alcohol free event, and there will be youth and pre-youth presenters as part of the programme.


How much are children and youth tickets?

Children 5 and under do not require a ticket. 6 to 16-year-olds are charged at 50%. 17 and over are considered full price adults


Do volunteers need to purchase a ticket?

No, volunteers do not need to purchase a ticket. Volunteer applications are open now.


Do I need ID to enter the event?

Yes, you will need identification along with a digital copy of your ticket. Please do not print paper copies of your tickets, it is not required.


Is there phone reception at Newkind?

There will be phone reception at Newkind. We will also provide a WiFi zone. 


Do tickets include camping?

Tickets include a campsite, but you are required to bring your tents and bedding.


Can I bring my campervan?

There will be no campervans or individual vehicles brought on site. All participants will be met at Hobart airport and transported to and from site.


Can I bring my pet to Newkind?

No. In order to minimise environmental impact, to ensure the safety of your pet, and that of local wildlife there will be no pets allowed on site.


What is the Alcohol Policy at Newkind?

Check the event guidelines page. In short, there will be no alcohol provided or sold at Newkind, and we ask that you do not BYO. 


How do I get to Newkind Festival?

All participants will be met at Hobart airport and brought to site in order to reduce carbon footprint as well as environmental impact on the local area. Once you have booked your ticket we will request your flight number.


What is the camping situation at Newkind?

Participants will camp with their factions in designated camping areas. You will have ample space so there is no need to prebook an area.


What is the clothing and nudity policy at Newkind?

In order to create an environment where all attendees feel safe and respected, we ask that genitals remain covered for all genders, however tops are optional. Nudity is welcome at the beach, bathing areas or during workshops aimed at sexual health and body image.

Will there be food stalls at Newkind?

There will be no food stalls or market stalls at Newkind. All your meals will be provided and all you need to bring is you eating utensils; plate, bowl, mug, water bottle and cutlery.


Can I get a refund for my ticket?

There will be no refunds to tickets once you have purchased unless the event is cancelled in full.


When do I receive my ticket?

You should recieve a confirmation email minutes after you have booked your ticket. If you do not please send an email to firstcontact [at] newkindfestival.com


How do I arrange transport to Newkind?

Book your flight to Hobart airport and when asked, forward your flight details to your faction admin. We will ensure that all participants are met at the airport.


Can I change the name on my ticket?

If for any unavoidable reason you cannot attend you will have the opportunity to change the name on your ticket.