Economics of Happiness


Congratulations to Sophie Appleton for winning the Economics of Happiness competition! 

Thanks to Happy Spaces Sophie has won an all-inclusive ticket with flights to the next Economics of Happiness conference in the Byron Bay Hinterland in March 2020. Due to the beautiful responses we received from people who read the top 4 and voted, we decided to release the Top 10. They were all truly deserving and it was a tough pick. The task was to write in any style or format how Newkind 2019 inspired or empowered you to contribute to the Gross Domestic Happiness of your community or the world. The Top 10 submissions are below in no particular order...


The Top 10



Newkind is about learning more about issues of social change and then going back out into the world to apply those new skills and learnings. So here's an opportunity to apply some of the new knowledge and insights you gained at Newkind 2019 and to create something super relevant and helpful for others on their mission to create a positive change in the world.

To win the ticket to the Economics of Happiness Pilgrimage offered by Happy Spaces, we want you to write something... the format could be in the style of an academic paper, an open letter, an essay, or perhaps an epic spoken word piece, whatever you like. You chose the style of writing and just try and keep it around 1000 words. 

What do we want you to write about?

Using your notes and learnings from Newkind 2019 tell us in 1000 words or less, "How have you been empowered by Newkind 2019 to increase the GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) of your local or regional community."

This could be related to building resilient local communities, it could be about the education and raising of children, about transitioning to a waste-free lifestyle, related to mental health or specifically about economics. 

Send your entries to operations [at] and cc Matty from Happy Spaces on matt [at]


Economics of Happiness conferences from The Economics of Happiness on Vimeo.