Economics of Happiness


Newkind is about learning more about issues of social change and then going back out into the world to apply those new skills and learnings. So here's an opportunity to apply some of the new knowledge and insights you gained at Newkind 2019 and to create something super relevant and helpful for others on their mission to create a positive change in the world.

To win the ticket to the Economics of Happiness Pilgrimage offered by Happy Spaces, we want you to write something... the format could be in the style of an academic paper, an open letter, an essay, or perhaps an epic spoken word piece, whatever you like. You chose the style of writing and just try and keep it around 1000 words. 

What do we want you to write about?

Using your notes and learnings from Newkind 2019 tell us in 1000 words or less, "How have you been empowered by Newkind 2019 to increase the GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) of your local or regional community."

This could be related to building resilient local communities, it could be about the education and raising of children, about transitioning to a waste-free lifestyle, related to mental health or specifically about economics. 

That's all there is to it... 

Send your entries to Krystal at operations [at] and also cc Matty from Happy Spaces on matt [at]

Entries should be submitted by midnight on Sunday 31st of March and the winner will be announced on our Facebook page on Tuesday 30th of April.

And if you happen to win with your entry but cannot make it you still get to give this amazing opportunity to whoever you want!


Economics of Happiness conferences from The Economics of Happiness on Vimeo.


The Economics of Happiness Pilgrimage is a two-week journey through the "land of high places", amidst the awe-inspiring landscape and community of Ladakh. This Himalayan adventure is anchored in the context of the Economics of Happiness conference and beliefs, which will be the platform for participant inspiration and education.

The conference will be the starting point and prevailing context for the pilgrimage, grounding participants in the need for locally based, community-minded economies and the scalable impact of this vision.
Participants will experience the local culture, community, economy and environment of Ladakh and the experience will be underpinned with a daily connection, mindfulness and wellbeing program.
The ticket includes.


  • Guided two-week journey through Ladakh
  • Economics of Happiness Conference
  • Local culture, experiences and activities
  • Eight Day Trek, Camping and Home Stays
  • Connection, Mindfulness and Wellbeing Program



The ticket we are giving away is priced at $3950, and it includes accommodation, meals, all experiences and ground transport, but does not include flights.