There will be no marketplace full of stalls selling their wares, there will be no $10 smoothies and $15 wraps, there will be no ridiculously priced bar, there will be no trinkets to take home as souvenirs, no merch shop, no food court even, to chai tent to buy drinks at. So don't bother bringing any money at all. Come as you are and you will be taken care of. Meals will be provided, and all of your needs will be met. There will be Kombucha and tea and coffee is all free. There is no bar to spend any money at either, just fresh Tassie water in a rainwater tank for you to refill your bottle at. We're not kids anymore, we don't need cans of soft drink to down our meals with.

The ticket price not only covers all your meals and drinks, and transport to and from the site, but also the fact that we have removed the unnecessary economy of food and market stalls and bars. This means the usual income stream that festivals have of charging stall fees, we do not have because we understand that markups to you end up generating tens of thousands of dollars in economic activity that we do not wish to instigate, and it's a much more effective way of ensuring environmental sustainability and zero packaging if we design the whole process.

The entire event was feed for the full 5-days with a budget of $6,000 and a generous contribution of donated produce from Longely Organic Farm. This is a ridiculously low budget that proves that commitment to sustainability as well as a plant-based diet, doesn't actually mean having to spend more money. With our volunteer team of kitchen staff lead by Ben and Junior, we managed to feed everyone on 3 micro-dosed rocket stoves that used twigs. That's something we are particularly proud of.