Camping areas are designated to each of the six factions. After your orientation to Newkind base camp, you will be guided to your faction's camping area and assisted in pitching your tent.

There will be composting toilets and handwashing facilities on site and refillable camping showers as well as an entire ocean to bathe in. We ask that you bring no soaps or shampoos as these are for the most part unnecessary items that we have become accustomed to because of old paradigm marketing. Natural cleaning products are welcome. 

The property is a pristine and absolute ocean front piece of land, and to ensure we leave no pollution, we ask that you do not bring packaging and unnecessary waste that can be taken by the wind. There may be high winds at times, so please ensure you bring suitable tent pegs that will hold your tent in place. There will be first aid on site, of course, but personal first aid kits may also be helpful. 

A complete fire ban may or may not apply at the time of the event, but in any case, we ask that you do not start campfires in your faction quarters. If there is no fire ban in place there will be a communal fireplace in the Nourish Woods section. There you will find the camp kitchen as well as the Tea House and Kombucha Bar.