As facilitators of connection, collaboration and empowerment towards projects for social change, we thought we'd follow through with a way of furthering what is initiated at the event.  So in January 2018, we will launch an online platform to host and showcase projects for social change from around the world. Anyone can sign-up, any initiative can be showcased, and anyone can search projects around the world to support or join. is currently in Beta development phase and still requires testing and further functionalities added. It can be viewed and tested by anyone, so if you're keen to see what it looks like just head over to If you would like to support this project in any way or get involved in its development please get in touch with us at partnerships [at]

We want to showcase all of the cool stuff that is happening in the world and instil a sense of hope and enthusiasm for social change and activism projects. For us to see and know that there are amazing people all over the world initiating really special projects, arts events, activism actions, environmental rehab projects, education initiatives and innumerable other avenues of social change.

We believe there is a lot more cool stuff happening than what we are generally aware of and we would like to create a space that can facilitate connection, hope, resource and information sharing, as well as further collaboration. We are here to accelerate positive social change. is just one more way of doing that.