The Factions

The 6 Factions at Newkind Festival represent the six learning areas offered. We see these faction characters as archetypes that we all embody along our journey as evolving humans. Healers, Farmers, Engineers, Artists, Administrators and Scouts. Choosing your faction ticket is simply choosing a theme camp at the event; it determines where your camping area is. Below is a brief description of the faction guides.



The Scouts - Pioneering, Fitness, Survivalism, Prepping and Adventuring

Would there have ever been empires and civilisations had it not been for us scouts? The adventurers, the travellers, the hikers and late night BMX bikers. It was our ever-searching, ever-seeking spirit that took us from caves to communities, and communities to nation states. The expeditions and journeys we went on, the information and knowledge we gathered, the lines of communications and trade that we opened; we were the path makers. It was our pioneering spirit, are tenacity and bravery that allowed for communities to grow and prosper, it was our reconnaissance missions that gave our troops the upper hand, it was our survival and tracking skills, and our fitness that carried our travelling parties through dust storms, and blizzards. It is the scouts who set up camp, build towers and cabins, it was us scouts who first learnt of local medicines and charted maps. Are you one of us? 





The Administrators - Politics, Policy, Social Sciences, Philosophy, and Economics 

We are The Administrators. We are the planners and organisers of society, the educators and teachers, the designers of systems and the support structures of civilisations. We study human behaviour, we design and adjust policy, we are an investigative and questioning type. We gave communities structure and leadership, we offered kings and queens our advice, and we continued to further develop theories to help society understand itself and its relationship with its environment. We bring law, we bring order, we offer knowledge and continue to strive for deepened understandings of philosophy, psychology, economy and sociology. There is much work to be done, and time is short. If you have the willingness, the insight and thoughtfulness to assist in designing new systems that will better serve this planet, then join us.






The Engineers - Technology, Design, Hacking, Innovation and Invention

We're the Engineers. We build the structures of society, we design new technologies, we code and programme, we hack, fix, invent and reinvent. We don't have time to explain all the things we've done throughout the course of human history. But everything from making the first well and crafting the first tool, to the levitation suits we're working on now, have all been by an engineer. If you own a welding mask or a soldering iron, if you keep an adjustable wrench in your back pocket or you know how to code in C++, then you're probably one of us. If you can retrofit an ex-army landrover with a water combustion engine, then you're definitely one of us.





The Artists - Performance Art, Tech Arts, Installations and Genre Mashing

We are The Artists. We are the visionaries and the dreamers, the ones who find inspiration from and offer meaning to life. What would be the point of our existence if we had no poetry and dance, no music or song, it is our ability to find and express beauty through our mediums that fills others with joy and brings peace to troubled hearts. We are the cause of laughter, we are the bringers of tears, we are the initiators of dance, and the seeders of ideas. The others make, and think, and do, and all of that, but it was us, The Artists who first envisioned it. It was us The Artists, who first began to see visions of new possibilities and ways of being. While others were working to bring our visions into being, we were busy dreaming up ever grander versions of reality. If you are one of us, you already know it. Join us at base camp and let us bring art into life, and put life into art.


The Farmers - Environmental Protection, Sustainability and Permaculture

The Farmers are those who care for the land and feed the people. We understand the intricate balance of nature and the rhythms and patterns of Earth. We have lived in alignment with the land in the past and it is time we taught others of the knowledge that we have. Mother Earth is our source and our home, and it is our duty to defend her and teach others of our respect and awe for this glorious planet we live on. The soil is fertile in Tasmania, the water is clean and the air is crisp and unpolluted. If we are to seed a new civilisation we must do so in harmony with the land, to ensure the future of our race. The Earth will recover thousands, perhaps millions of years from now, but it is our survival on this planet that is questionable. Let us return to sustainable and respectful practice, let us grow food that is natural and organic, let us teach others of how to care for the land and grow food for themselves and their communities so that we can return to a balanced life or prosperity and abundance without wastefulness and greed. We are the eco-warriors, we are the life-defenders, we are the caretakers, we are The Farmers. 






The Healers - Healing, Health, Physical and Spiritual Wellbeing

are the yogis, shamans, empaths, nurturers of the body and the soul. They are the prayerful meditators, the early risers, the soul food providers. They are the ones we turn to in times of emotional turmoil when we seek further alignment and need support and insightful guidance. They are the patient, and the generous, the peaceful and benevolent. The Healers are those who retreat to silence, create healing balms and soothing concoctions. Every civilisation needs an assembly of Healers to rejuvenate, to enlighten and illuminate. Are you one of us?





Full and Final Lineup of Speakers and Facilitators announced January 1st