Beyond Consent Culture


This is what evolution looks like...

And evolution can be a slow and gradual process that we inevitably undergo like the rest of nature, or we can decide to consciously engage with it and exert energy towards accelerating the process. We can wait for that moment when maintaining an old form or habit becomes so uncomfortable that we are forced to change, or we can be the champions and pioneers of social change and evolution by proactively and consciously engaging with it. Actively engaging with the further development and progress of human society necessitates being able to acknowledge our past failings, as individuals and as a society, as difficult and uncomfortable as they may be to look at, and then consciously deciding to develop ourselves away from these patterns and behaviours and  towards a more evolved way of being. This relates both to social structures and personal behaviours. The truth is, social structures, policy, politics, laws and behaviours that become societal norms are all simply reflections of the behaviours and the moral standards of the individuals that comprise that society. Evolution was never intended to be comfortable.

When we look at human history through the lens of change and tumult, when we pay close attention to the process of social evolution and the progress of morality, we begin to notice that there is a common thread that has run through much of the social injustice, environmental damage and the emotional and physical trauma we have collectively suffered. Whether it be the relationship between the genders and the domineering rule of the patriarchy over womankind; the colonial culture of explore, invade, suppress and overrun; the slave trade and modern-day slavery; our distorted relationship with the environment and the disregard for the animals of this great Earth; or the economic systems that have created, perpetuated and exploited the social disparities that we now struggle with; it can all be traced back to one particularly harmful human behaviour. 

That is, there is one particular behavioural trait that underpins all of our modern societal struggles and prevents our progress. This is rape culture; the taking of what one wants simply because they can. By force or through conflict, by economic exploitation, through the aggressive mining of the earth for all of her resources, or simply by taking something without expressed permission. It creates a culture that is physically focused, steeped in entitlement, morally lacking, void of respectfulness and reflective of a society in the midst of its adolescence. It threatens our peace, it threatens our cohesion, it threatens our nobility and honour and it prevents us from fulfilling our true potential. 

For example, the way we have treated the natural environment has been disrespectful, shortsighted, self-serving and aggressively greedy. The way certain cultures have developed weapons, colonised, subjugated and enslaved is a reflection of this same behaviour of overpowering and the taking of what is not rightfully ours. The way we have caged free-roaming animals and farmed and slaughtered them commercially is connected to the same culture of overpower, control and greed. The way in which political and social structures have suppressed women, objectified and sexualised them, as well as mistreating and disempowering minority genders is also reflective of this same culture. Now is the time to address it. Now is the time to look at what we have done, why this has happened, why it is still happening, and what we must change within us in order for us to evolve out of it.

This sentiment does not even need to be expressed to be felt. One can be energetically shrouded in lust and this could be enough to make another feel triggered, violated, disrespected or uncomfortable. This is particularly so when we exist in a context and culture of misogyny, victim blaming, sexism, lack of accountability, and where the judicial and political systems have failed to effectively address rape culture and promote the safety and wellbeing of our women and children.

The pivotal point to be addressed at the heart of rape culture is the issue of desire. The tendency to heed all of one’s desires, founded upon the false idea that all desires are valid and deserve expression or satiation, and the mistaking of feelings of want and desire with the concept of love, are the pivots on which the issue of rape culture and consent culture turn. The satiation and gratification of our individual and collective desires has developed a culture of greed and lust for materialism. To desire to take, to treat like an object or possession, to buy and sell slaves, to objectify and to speak of another in a way which sexualises and demeans, to infantilise or try to control; these are all refractions of the same root issues that must be addressed: desire, control, power.

The counter-culture to this culture of greed, lust, desire and rampant materialism is Consent Culture. It is not only the physical exertion of force that should be understood as unwelcome or inappropriate but also its energetic manifestations. That is, we should be seeking to set a wholly new standard of human interaction where the heart and mind are so cleansed and purified that we would be comfortable for anyone else to gaze in and witness the thoughts and emotions we carry at any point in time. Policing behaviours and actions is a much more arduous, and fruitless endeavour, than seeking to address the root cause of the behaviour. Writing policies, procedures and laws, and passing judgements only deals with the repercussions of the actions, rather than addressing the root cause. It should not have to get to that point. The objectification and lusting for an object or a person is not something that remains hidden. It is felt, it is unwelcome, and it is not Newkind.

The truth is, the energetic effect of lust and objectification is not only felt by the person it is directed towards. It establishes a general climate of unease, fear and lack of personal and emotional safety. It creates a trauma for society at large. Do we need to wait for physical evidence of rape or video footage of sexual violence before we act? Can we not mature to a place were it is addressed at the point of objectifying language, unwelcome touch and inappropriate leering? It is the personal hygiene of our inner beings that must be addressed, it comes down to the language and the imagery that we employ. These are the roots of these systematic imbalances that must be understood and addressed if we wish to proactively engage and enact our collective evolution.

Furthermore, the physical and emotional safety of women, children and minority genders should be a topic of daily, vigilant and relentless conversation and action until the climate has changed, until the status quo is not an environment of implicit sexual violence or inappropriate behaviour that people have to become resistant to, brush off, or protect themselves against.

Imagine the glorious world we would live in when women and children and trans-gender, non-binary and gender fluid humans can finally feel safe. A world where the emotional safety and physical security of all peoples is secured. Where no one is made to feel objectified, sexualised, less than or subjugated. A world where sex doesnt sell and instead truth does. A world where the porn industry dies a sudden and instant death and no longer informs young people of what is appropriate behaviour or appropriate thought patterns. Imagine a world where feminity is finally respected instead of desired.

A world where mother nature is not raped and pillaged, where Indigenous cultures are respected for the knowledge that they carry, where human relations are imbued with respect and nobility, where instead of wiping out the majority of the species on earth and mass-farming others we are able to live in harmony and peace with our environment; without lust, greed, want or desire, but rather with peace, generosity, contentment and calm.

This is the world towards which we wish to move. This is the process of evolution. This is Newkind...



The Newkind definition for Affirmative Consent can be viewed in our policies and procedures, which will be released publically on March 1st. But to have to resort to textbook definitions and legislation is below the standard we seek to set. The definition exists for the purpose of due diligence and for referral in case of judicial or legal proceedings.