What is Newkind About?


Newkind is what happens when a bunch of artists, activists, anarchists, environmentalists and academics come together to run a festival. This is equal part TED talks and equal parts survivalist boot camp. It's as much anarchist summer school as it is an environment and permaculture convention. It's as much about new ideas as it is about actually taking action. 

We want to actively engage in the process of creating a peaceful, sustainable, just and equitable society. So we decided to use the platform of a 5-day camping festival, and programme it with thought leaders, scientists, economists, environmentalists, professional activists, permaculture and health professionals as well as physical trainers, emotional intelligence experts and even early-childhood educators.


Why? Because we want to be more effective and powerful in our actions for social change.


We decided that we've heard enough rhetoric and seen enough complacency, so we've taken it upon ourselves to gather in Tasmania to plan, prepare and design a new reality. We will be hosting an event as well as facilitating a social change movement. It's as much about the event as it is the way we host it. It's about how we conduct ourselves, our policies and procedures, the philosophies that we espouse and the public statements that we publish. 

What happens at Newkind will most definitely not be staying at Newkind. The point is to come together, upgrade our skills, download software updates and then go back out into the world more confident, inspired and empowered. With a well connected international family of artists, educators, game developers, professional activists, event management staff and social animators, we are making our lives more about the positive impact that we can have rather than the pre-existing gauges and measures of success that have failed us all.