A Masterclass for Social Change


Newkind is an annual conference designed to inspire and activate the next generation of global changemakers and social justice champions. Over 6 days at the Falls Festival site in Marion Bay in Tasmania, we host discussion panels, workshops and practical skill development sessions all focused on helping YOU make the positive impact you want to make in the world.


Renewable Energy Only - Plant-Based Diet - Zero-Waste - Drug & Alcohol-Free Space


We bring systems thinkers, sustainability experts, academics, activists and social entrepreneurs together, to give you the epic learning experience you have always wanted and never knew existed! Meet a bunch of legends from around the country, learn, get inspired, get connected and move forward empowered with the tools you need to change this world for the better!



Newkind is a volunteer-run and not-for-profit event put on by a diverse group of peoples from various genders, cultural and religious denominations and working from multiple countries. This is also a cruelty-free event and all meals and drinks are included with tickets. We use renewable energy only and we have a zero-waste policy so definitely bring your keep cups and water bottles.


#Plant-Based, #Solar-Powered, #SummerSchool for #SocialChange.




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