Newkind is a master class for change-makers; an empowerment experience like no other. We bring together thought leaders, inspirational speakers, educators, innovators and champions of social justice to inspire, empower and activate Agents of Social Change.

This is a capacity-building exercise as much as it is a festival; lectures, workshops and discussion panels lead into evenings of live music, experimental art and theatre. Newkind is a summer school future leaders, influencers and those at the forefront of social justice, regenerative design, and systems thinking for social change.

This is a cruelty-free event and plant-based meals are included in a zero-packaging, straightedge and renewable energy only environment. All meals, refreshments and airport pickups are included with your ticket, and you get to focus on actually being present with the experience. 

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What is Newkind?



Tuesday 23rd January 2018


Vegan Activism Accelerates


Even those living under a rock would have heard of the Vegan Movement in 2017, and activists from around the world are gathering in Tasmania from 21st to 25th March to prepare themselves to up the ante in 2018.

Activism Accelerated

The 6 Factions at Newkind Festival represent the six learning areas offered. We see these faction characters as archetypes that we all embody along our journey as evolving humans. Healers, Farmers, Engineers, Artists, Administrators and Scouts. Choosing your faction ticket is simply choosing a theme camp at the event; it determines where your camping area is. Below is a brief description of the faction guides.



The Factions

As facilitators of connection, collaboration and empowerment towards projects for social change, we thought we'd follow through with a way of furthering what is initiated at the event.  So in January 2018, we will launch an online platform to host and showcase projects for social change from around the world. Anyone can sign-up, any initiative can be showcased, and anyone can search projects around the world to support or join.


It's about sustainability and it's about social change, it's about empowerment and it's about access to information and knowledge sharing across the globe. The programming for Newkind Festival is carefully selected to empower and inspire agents of change to implement change in their own communities. And we think making that content available to as many people as possible is the most effective way we can bring about change. 

The Virtual Reality Experience