A masterclass for social change


Newkind is a capacity building and networking event for Agents of Social Change; advocates, activists, social entrepreneurs and community service workers. Six days of discussion panels, workshops, lectures and skill development sessions designed to investigate and accelerate efforts for social change and foster citizen agency. 

We bring thought leaders, innovators, pioneers and inspirational speakers, to empower agents of change and design better systems. Whether you want to launch a new campaign, refine an existing social enterprise, or find out how to turn your career into a service path, come, be inspired, get connected, and join the movement for global social equity. 




Check our Facebook page for line-up announcements, programme details and click going on the event page for inside news and updates.


This is a volunteer-run and not-for-profit event. It is also a cruelty-free event where your all meals and drinks are included in a drug-free, alcohol-free, and renewable energy only environment. An off-grid, zero-waste, plant-based, solar-powered, summer school for social change.


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