Zero Waste Policy

Newkind Festival envisages a new paradigm of “waste”. An era of systems thinking, of conscious consumption and behavioural shifts towards a much needed change in our current dominating culture of resource and energy use and misuse.

Our mission is to test and provide novel solutions to broader world waste issues by trialling widely applicable alternatives to current energy use and waste management systems within the context of Newkind Festival.

Using the term Zero Waste we aim to create a festival that generates and uses its own energy. We will move past the current “sustainable”practice of leave no trace to “bring nothing that cannot benefit the system.

We want to embed the idea that waste is a human construct, not present in the natural world before us, and that we must work back to a more natural harmonious state. Working with current and novel technology, increased efficiency and an understanding that we as individuals, communities and nations need to reassess our place in our natural systems, we will educate, provide solutions and take on the Japanese philosophy of Mottainai: a regret of waste.

Newkind Festival's zero waste ethos means we don't waste energy complaining about what needs to be done but instead use our energy to redesign the system.


Zero Waste is more than leave no trace, Zero Waste  encompasses the full life of an item, entity or system. To live Zero Waste is to maximise the potential energy and minimise the embodied energy in order to reach the highest efficiency of tools and resources we utilise.

To achieve this, we must disassemble the production and manufacture process and redesign each part of the journey so that we can say nothing was wasted in the resource extraction, consumption and discard management phase of life. In the current paradigm of profit innovation and business growth, this concept may appear unattainable but when we separate personal profit from collective intellectual prosperity, we can, as a motivated group create solutions through discussion of ideas and open sourced tech to better manage the constant influx of wasted resources.

The Gritty Business

By attending Newkind Festival, we participate in a true system of resource utilisation. All waste will be collected and sorted in separate waste streams for two main reasons.

  1. To assess what types of wasted resources accumulate: in order to raise awareness and create discussion in terms of mitigation and management.
  2. To reutilise the collected resources onsite.  Taking trash off site is not Zero Waste.

As a group with Zero Waste intentions, we acknowledge that we don't have all the answers. Prevention is always the best measure but to ensure we continue to progress towards eventual zero waste, we must evaluate and innovate.

During the ongoing evaluation of wasted resources collection, we can pinpoint problem waste streams and innovate where we find difficulties regarding the use and re/up cycling of refuse, to eventually become sustainable and ideally regenerate the environment and ecology that our species has so mindlessly destructed and polluted.