Why Tasmania?

Why is Basecamp in Tasmania?

A safe distance to stand when watching a demolition


If a building demolition is well planned and organised, the radius of the falling debris is quite small. But if the demolition is unplanned and erratic the safety zone radius is much larger. As the systems of society fall and crumble without any added effort from us, we decided to begin planning and preparing new systems and ways of living in order to fill the void of true leadership and propose solutions instead of point out failings.

In order to do this safely and give us the time we need, I decided to create a base camp in the wilderness of Tasmania; a safe enough distance away from the madness that surrounds.  A place where the water is still clean, the air is still unpolluted, the weather is harsh enough to deter the masses and yet conducive to growing most types of food. Not to mention the richness of the soil, the abundant space, the empty beaches and the actually stunning natural environment. Surrounded by thousands of kilometres of ocean, at the far end of the world, Tasmania has remained largely untouched and unknown, and we don't mind that one bit.

You are gathering to build a new world, and the isolation, the sparseness of the population, and the laidback nature of the lifestyle suits your needs perfectly. You will remain undetected for long enough to build the community. It is for this reason, I have asked Spinifex and the crew to not disclose the location publicly. All we can tell you is that base camp is positioned on a waterfront property on the East Coast of Tasmania. This property has been with my family since they escaped Germany in the 1930's. It is safe and it is secluded, and a great number of my grandfather's technology and gadgets are still there. All you need to do is book your flight to Hobart or Launceston airport and tell your Faction Administrator your flight number and arrival time. I look forward to meeting you one day. If your launch is successful then we will meet soon. It the first attempt fails, I have left you all of the resources you will need to continue to live indefinitely. 



Dr Gesundheit.