What to expect at Newkind


Newkind Festival is an alternate reality


Reinvent Reality


Applicants for Newkind Base Camp, listen up! Applications are now open. You need to decide which faction you wish to belong to. Consider your skills, your passions, your interests and your experience when picking your faction. You will camp with members of the same faction, but you will be able to attend the training session of any faction you so choose.

The skill tree will be made available to you all upon booking your ticket to base camp. You will be able to choose your own path of development and attend as diverse a training as you wish. Facilitators will mark your skill tree with each session you attend. Your faction does not separate you from the rest of the community, it just allows the rest of the crew to know where your passions and interests are by seeing your badge. 

After booking your ticket to Newkind, you can book a flight to Hobart, Australia. Once you have booked your flight, we ask that you forward your full name and flight details to firstcontact [at] newkindfestival.com. On the day of your arrival, you will be met at the airport and transported to site.

Upon arrival, your faction duty officer will check you in and show you to your accommodation quarters where you will be assisted in pitching your tents. You will not need to bring any cooking items or any burdensome tools. We recommend light tools that you can hike with if necessary. 



What Will Happen at Base Camp?


The mornings will begin early, with a choice of yoga on the beach, meditation in the temple, play-chi in the field, orienteering in the woods, cross-fit in the gym or some other morning practice.

After breakfast, sessions will start. These will include lectures, discussion panels, workshops, keynote speakers, practical skill development sessions and idea jams.

Your faction only tells us where your current skills and interests are, in case you are required to assist in times of emergency, planning or preparation. There are no restrictions on what you can attend. 

You will have the opportunity to upskill in multiple areas; everything from cabin building and app development to physical training, permaculture, project management skills, economy and sociology lectures as well as art and invention making.

Each evening entertainment and fanfare will be dished out in copious amounts to celebrate the day’s achievements. The elixir bar and tea house will serve you kombucha and chai late into the night. There will be poetry, there will be dance, there will be 3 or 4 shooting stars per minute, and there will be several hundred other human beings who will be there for the same reason as you; to change the world.

There will be dawn temple services and tyre dragging runs along the beach; you choose which you want to attend. There will be an immersive sensory gallery, and headline music acts; you choose which you want to attend. There will be economics lectures and prepper workshops; you choose which you want to attend. There will be software programming workshops and food growing workshops; you choose which you want to attend. This is your adventure, you choose how you want to grow.

Time is short, the situation is dire, and humanity is in need of champions. Yes we are outnumbered, but we will not be matched in tenacity, ingenuity or commitment. Welcome to Newkind.