What To Bring


What you should definitely bring

Bring a water container that is refillable and durable. There will be no plastic water bottles for sale.

Bring your own eating utensils, including a bowl, plate, mug, knife, spoon and fork.  

Bring a suitably sturdy tent and sleeping bag to stay warm. Tarps may also be a useful addition.

Bring a warm and water resistant jacket or coat. A cotton hoody or jumper will not be sufficient.

Bring yourself a handkerchief or two, a towel or chamois, and some basic toiletries. 

Bring your musical instruments, art materials and other tools of creation.

Bring your most outrageous future-tech, earth-core, dystopian, steampunk, mad max outfit. 

Bring your self-made Faction Badge. The design will be sent to you with your ticket. 


What you should definitely not bring

Do not bring equipment to cook meals with. Meals are all provided.

Do not bring plastic packaging, disposables, and other throw away items. 

Do not bring any drugs, alcohol, weapons or explosives. 

Do not bring any unnecessary glass items or sharps.