The Vegan Movement

Newkind Festival is built on the principles of sustainability and unity between all living beings. In order to create a new way forward, a way that is sustainable for life on this planet, we must change the way we treat other sentient beings. Newkind Festival operates as a cruelty-free event, and encourages the adaptation of this principle into the way we live in the world. Being cruelty-free is not just about eliminating meat from our diets or being kind to animals; it extends to how we steward and care for the planet and our own wellbeing. We recognise that the current system of oppression and cruelty that is carried out in the global meat industry is not only contributing to unfair treatment of animals, but is destroying the earth and draining our oceans of its biodiversity. Newkind Festival recognises that how we treat the animals of this earth is a far clearer measure of our progress as a human race than currently given credit for, and welcomes scientific development or academic achievement to radically redress our current systems. We strive to create and empower a new way forward that brings integrity to ethics, economics and environmental issues. Newkind Festival offers education and practical methods for adopting this principle into the lives of our communities.

We acknowledge the contribution of the animal agriculture industry to Australia's growth and wealth as a nation, but also call upon these industries to reflect on the efficacy of these systems and structures in building a sustained future and livelihood. The indsutry is in decline, and Newkind Festival is committed to conversation and outcomes that considers a vegan future by securing employment, sustainable land use and practices, which adds value to revised economic system.