Sustainability Plan


Due to our commitment to showcasing a completely sustainable, renewable and replicable system, the Newkind Sustainability Plan involves an in-depth and multifaceted approach that takes into consideration factors that many may not necessarily consider. For this reason, the variables considered include everything from the distance and mode of transport of participants and presenters, to the exact amount of produce used in meal preparations. With event preparations still happening some of these variables are yet to be known. The plan in full will be released closer to the event when real-world figures are able to be used instead of estimated.


The key points that will be addressed are as follows:

Carbon Footprint - The carbon footprint of the event is to be minimised by use of only renewable energies, zero meat and dairy, and other measures such as the procurement of materials and upcycling of goods. However, in this phase of transition from old paradigm to new paradigm, there will inevitably be a carbon footprint. This will be measured with utmost diligence and calculated by the environmental impact analysis team and will be offset in full by the planting of trees on the very property the event is being held. The types of trees that are most suitable and the arrangement of them, will be decided through dialogue with local environment experts and the landowner in order to ensure a positive impact on local flora and fauna. With 6000 acres of land to plant tree in, there is no shortage of suitable land where the addition of trees would assist in more than just carbon offset but also with wildlife corridors, soil movements etc. 

Zero Waste - It will be a major shift for some participants, and it will be a minor adjustment for others, but Newkind will create no waste that is not completely recyclable or compostable. Toilets will be composting toilets. Water will not be sold in plastic bottles. Food will be prepared with fresh produce from local area. Food prep scraps will be composted. If we can't buy it in bulk without packaging, we won't buy it. All build materials will be disassembled and reused. We want to show that it is a decision to be made and not necessarily and impossible challenge to overcome. We will provide the entire framework so that participants can experience what a zero waste lifestyle looks and feels like. 

Environmental Impact - The environmental impact analysis of Newkind Festival on the local area will take into consideration decibel readings of amplified sound, the impact of foot traffic, water usage and sewage maintenance as well as innumerable other variables. Onsite flora and fauna analysis of the area will take place with an impact analysis team member camping on site for weeks and taking field notes prior to the event, during bump-in and throughout the event. With the event using a desalination unit to provide drinking and washing water, we will not negatively impact the local area's water supply, and with a no soaps policy, we will also lessen any negative environment impact on the local area. The produce that we will use to prepare meals will all be sourced from within the state, and furthermore from local area farmers as much as possible. 

Renewable Energy - If we can power it with renewable energy then we will have it; and you know we can with pretty much anything these days. With the windmills that we are constructing now in Hobart, the solar panel and backup battery systems for sound and production, bio-diesel generators and everything else that we have at our disposal, there is no reason why we cannot live completely off-grid in a sustainable manner. We are also opening applications for new and inventive ways of generating power to be showcased at the event. 

Cruelty-Free - Beyond the moral and ethical reasons for a vegan event, there is more than enough evidence to show that the consumption of meat and dairy products causes an unnecessary and unsustainable strain on the environment. The amount of water, grains and other resources that are used in the farming of animals for consumption is not something that we wish to continue. With Newkind being a completely vegan event we ensure not just ethical practice but an environmentally aware and progressive way of co-existing with this planet and all of its inhabitants.