The Story

This is the Newkind Story...


The story of a vagabond artist and a visionary scientist


We can't tell you exactly where we are but we can tell you we're in Tasmania. We can't be on air for too long at a time, but we can send weekly video transmissions. In these transmissions, we will tell you how we got to be here, what we intend on doing, and eventually we will give you instructions on how to get to base camp. What we intend on doing is not in best interests of big pharma, global mining corps, or the corporate war machine, so you can understand our need for secrecy for the time being. 

It all started off when our convener, Spinifex, stumbled across this seemingly deserted tech facility on the Tasmanian East Coast. He found a seed library, gardens, plans for renewable energy systems, construction materials and blueprints for a city that is yet to be built. He thought the place had been abandoned and started to make himself at home. Unwittingly he started a dialogue that led to the calling of what we now call Newkind.