Technology, Design, Hacking, Innovation and Invention

We're the Engineers. We build the structures of society, we design new technologies, we code and programme, we hack, fix, invent and reinvent. We don't have time to explain all the things we've done throughout the course of human history. But everything from making the first well and crafting the first tool, to the levitation suits we're working on now, has all been by an engineer. If you own a welding mask, or a soldering iron, if you keep an adjustable wrench in your back pocket or you know how to code in C++, then you're probably one of us. If you can retrofit an ex-army landrover with a water combustion engine, then you're definitely one of us.


Full Lineup of Speakers, Trainers and Facilitators for Newkind 2.0 Will Be Released December 15th