Survivalism, Fitness, Prepping and Adventuring

Would there have ever been empires and civilisations had it not been for us scouts? The adventurers, the travellers, the hikers and late night BMX bikers. It was our ever-searching, ever-seeking spirit that took us from caves to communities, and communities to nation states. The expeditions and journeys we went on, the information and knowledge we gathered, the lines of communications and trade that we opened; we were the path makers. It was our pioneering spirit, are tenacity and bravery that allowed for communities to grow and prosper, it was our reconnaissance missions that gave our troops the upper hand, it was our survival and tracking skills, and our fitness that carried our travelling parties through dust storms, and blizzards. It is the scouts who set up camp, build towers and cabins, it was us scouts who first learnt of local medicines and charted maps. Are you one of us? 

Full Lineup of Speakers, Trainers and Facilitators for Newkind 2.0 Will Be Released December 15th