Performance Art, Tech Arts, Installations and Genre Mashing

We are The Artists. We are the visionaries and the dreamers, the ones who find inspiration from and offer meaning to life. What would be the point of our existence if we had no poetry and dance, no music or song, it is our ability to find and express beauty through our mediums that fills others with joy and brings peace to troubled hearts. We are the cause of laughter, we are the bringers of tears, we are the initiators of dance, and the seeders of ideas. The others make, and think, and do, and all of that, but it was us, The Artists who first envisioned it. It was us The Artists, who first began to see visions of new possibilities and ways of being. While others were working to bring our visions into being, we were busy dreaming up ever grander versions of reality. If you are one of us, you already know it. Join us at base camp and let us bring art into life, and put life into art.


Full Lineup of Speakers, Trainers and Facilitators for Newkind 2.0 Will Be Released December 15th