Environmental Protection, Sustainability and Permaculture

The Farmers are those who care for the land and feed the people. We understand the intricate balance of nature and the rhythms and patterns of Earth. We have lived in alignment with the land in the past and it is time we taught others of the knowledge that we have. Mother Earth is our source and our home, and it is our duty to defend her and teach others of our respect and awe for this glorious planet we live on. The soil is fertile in Tasmania, the water is clean and the air is crisp and unpolluted. If we are to seed a new civilisation we must do so in harmony with the land, to ensure the future of our race. The Earth will recover thousands, perhaps millions of years from now, but it is our survival on this planet that is questionable. Let us return to sustainable and respectful practice, let us grow food that is natural and organic, let us teach others of how to care for the land and grow food for themselves and their communities, so that we can return to a balanced life or prosperity and abundance without wastefulness and greed. We are the eco-warriors, we are the life-defenders, we are the caretakers, we are The Farmers. 


Full Lineup of Speakers, Trainers and Facilitators for Newkind 2.0 Will Be Released December 15th