Hacker Movement Statement

Newkind's Hacker Movement Statement We choose to stand with the hackers, the anonymous. They are Newkind. The exposure of criminal acts, be it falsification of information, cover ups, or reprehensible acts by hackers are those we stand with. They are the whistle blowers, the spies and warriors of this new digital age, whose terrain is in the cloud. By making transparent the devious actions of a fascist state they help us negotiate the environment. In a world where we are met with dubious information and forced cynicism by other peoples speculation, hacking for information becomes a way to cut through all the BS and find the truth of the matter. The hacker movement extends meyond computers. To hack is to permeate the existing frame, be it of the mind, where code becomes verbalised or crafted image to bust through the social constructs and reveal the other's standpoint. With time and skill we can hack our bodies through diet and exercise, becoming a far more powerful being than before. We can hack the ecosystem which has already been done, potentially infected by a virus, but the hacker mentality here can mean advanced systems of agriculte and permaculture that allow for networks of individual thriviving food forests. We can hack the mind and reset beliefs, remove limitations of irrational fears and mend toxic paradigms. We can hack technology and find out just how smart out phones can be. This is the role of the hacker movement in Newkind, to go alittle bit further and bring back a little bit more. They are the hunter gatherer of the information age.