Future Scope

The Newkind Vision For The Future


The Creation of Hopeland


Hopeland will be a living-breathing example of an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, coalesced with technology and underpinned by the motivation of education for social change.

Imagine food forests and world class conference facilities side by side. Imagine an elders home combined with a childcare facility and accommodation for homeless citizens with workforce preparation courses. Imagine zero-waste and 100% green energy powered entertainment venues, public parklands with power-generating art features. Imagine a working organic farm supplying the onsite café, with eco-cabins and treehouses for yoga weekends and artist retreats showcasing some of the world's most advanced lifestyle models, with regards to waste management, water conservation and power efficiency. We intend to create an entire world that tests and implements models, theories and technologies for sustainable, heart-centred, globally focused living.

Whilst as a production company our initial focus will be choreographing and hosting events, neither our vision nor our skill base is limited to event production. When we say a production company, we mean film and theatre production, educational course development, music recording and mastering studios, the gamification of social change projects, hosting alternate reality experiences, facilitation of performing arts tours as well as the development of residential and online educational courses.

UpUpTrampoline is already establishing a global network of socially driven creators. Some are already implementing new systems to replace the failing ones, and we will continue to trial and implement new technology and systems in our festivals and events for social change. We will design holistic solutions by aligning perceived polarities such as technological innovation with natural ecosystems, and creativity with basic human needs. In establishing hubs around the world to act as relay points in the new economies of experience, change and information, we will circulate the lifeblood of a new way of living.

Our activities originate in think tanks; assembling inventors, educators, artists and leaders to seed theories of progress and development. We use our projects as testing grounds to verify the efficacy of these theories, which others can draw from and implement in their own sectors.

If you can see yourself in a collaborative relationship with UpUpTrampoline and would like to further discuss the Newkind Future Vision please write to partnerships [at] newkindfestival.com