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A decentralised banking system that offers full disclosure and transparency and is managed by the people who use it... that's definitely got a place in the future we are envisioning. Sure, blockchain is going to evolve, and certain market principles of supply and demand are still in play, but the transparency and user maintained system that is offered, is certainly more attractive than the fraudulent banking system that has been in place for some time now.

A more equitable and just society requires brave innovation and an appetite for change. The current economic structures are causing inequality and a unidirectional flow of resources and life-force. Poverty, financial hardship and even famine continue to grow, while the disparity between the world's wealthiest individuals and the masses continues to grow. Anything that seeks to dislodge and address inequality and injustice, we will wholeheartedly support.

To show our support for innovation and in particular cryptocurrency, will be accepting payment for Newkind Festival tickets in Bitcoin. In order to book your ticket deposit BTC into the wallet shown below and send a message to director [at] with the address that your funds came from. From there we will reply with a unique code for you to book your ticket with on Eventbrite.


How to book a ticket to Newkind with Bitcoin: 

  1. Transfer 0.033213 BTC to the wallet address shown below.
  2. Send a message to director [at] to confirm your deposit.
  3. Receive a unique code to register your paid ticket to Newkind Festival 2018

BTC price adjusted at 8:09 PM Thursday 18 January


Our BitCoin Wallet Address is