UpUpTrampoline and the Newkind Movement 


The creative articulation of intelligent solutions


UpUpTrampoline is here to reinvent reality.  Our mission is to be a global network of active, articulate and engaged agents of social change; to be effective designers and implementers of systems of change. As a production company, we create experiences that facilitate visceral learning and host environments conducive to education and inspiration. As a crew, we are all engaged in efforts towards social change as speakers, designers, educators, artists, project managers, academics and activists.

With over a decade of experience each in festival management, events production, workshop facilitation, and life as touring performing artists, Bravo Child and Erfan Daliri joined forces and launched UpUpTrampoline. The vision is to reappropriate the arts and entertainment industries for the purpose of social change and the reinvention of reality.

Uppers are a crew, a movement, a posse of international self-funded and self-motivated artists, creators, inventors, innovators and tech heads, committed to using their tools for the purpose of social change and the ennobling of humanity. We are not here to tear down any system or hierarchy; we already know it's not working and it's already falling apart. Instead we are here to intelligently design and eloquently articulate solutions while living and implementing them as we go.  

UpUpTrampoline hosts master classes, performance arts events, festivals, street activations, and workshops across the country with an extended crew around the world. With a full-time Arts Academy and production facility in Melbourne, regular events and experiences for social change, we have intentions to continue touring internationally as the UpUp crew, creating art and activating social change as irreverently and unapologetically as possible.


To support the movement or join the Uppers send an email to partnerships [at]