Acknowledgement of Indigenous Peoples

Newkind Festival takes place on lands within the Paredarerme language group, for which we are grateful. We acknowledge and pay respects to the Tasmanian Aboriginal Community as the traditional and original owners, and continuing custodians of this land on which we gather. We acknowledge Elders past and present, and members of Australia’s First Nations who gather with us towards social change.

As a direct result of invasion, Australia’s Aboriginal people were not permitted to speak language or practise culture, resulting in a great loss of Aboriginal languages. palawa kani is the reconstruction of languages used by Tasmanian Aboriginal people today. Tasmanian Aboriginal people, as with all Indigenous peoples, have a distinctive and age-old connection with their ancestral lands and waters. They are custodians with particular responsibilities. When speaking of ‘Country’; this encompasses not only the land and water but also culture, knowledge, and the environment.

Newkind Festival acknowledges that sovereignty has never been ceded, and we work within our communities to decolonise solidarity towards recognition and treaty, and self-determination for Indigenous peoples. We work and collaborate towards an active and vibrant representation of Tasmanian Aboriginal language and culture.